Twisted Technologies Born of Harmful Hubris?

Two science and technology news stories caught my eye this week and were stark reminders to me about the slippery slopes and dark paths that can be forged when scientists and people in authority are evolutionists. The first report is by Dutch Christian journalist Eva Vlaardingerbroek who featured a story on her Substack page warning... Continue Reading →

Canadian Doctor Sounds Alarm on Censorship of COVID Jabs Injuries

In 2 Chronicles 16:12, the story of King Asa (a godly king) draws to a close by mentioning he had a huge shortcoming. The text criticizes him for not seeking the Lord during his bout with a serious foot disease. Instead he relied on physicians for help. I used to wonder why he received such... Continue Reading →

Transhumanism’s Warped View of Humans and the Human Condition

"Transhumanism is a movement that holds that scientific and technological advances can be used to improve humanity. For example, to increase life-span, to get rid of diseases through gene modification, to implant electronic microchips for security purposes, or to monitor a person’s location, purchases, and movements. Some of this might seem only vaguely relevant to... Continue Reading →

Christian Concerns About AI and Technology Derived From It (Like Deepfakes)

"Generally, [technology can be] God's good gift, but in a fallen, broken world it also has the possibility to go off the rails," states Scott Rae from the Think Biblically Podcast when he spoke to Christian apologist Sean McDowell today on McDowell's YouTube channel. The aim of their discussion was to look at artificial intelligence... Continue Reading →

Cardiologist Who Calls For Withdrawal of COVID Shots Explains His Findings

This week, cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra of the UK released peer reviewed research in the Journal of Insulin Research calling for the so-called COVID vaccine to be withdrawn. Dr. Malhotra was previously a staunch advocate for the jabs, making media appearances dismissing any concerns people had about the shots. Then he dove more into researching... Continue Reading →

Globalists Openly Promote Human Microchips as “Convenience”

The globalist spinoff of the Bilderberg Group known as the World Economic Forum (WEF) is now openly promoting the concept of humans being microchipped. Several days ago, a blogger posted to their website denoting all the benefits they presumed could come from having humans implanted with a chip, especially children. The WEF transhumanist likened her... Continue Reading →

Keeping Our Heads on a Swivel: Staying Spiritually Alert in End Times Globalism

Christ and his disciples told us many times to "beware" when it comes to occurrences, people, and the doctrines or principles being spread around us. It's like keeping our heads on a spiritual swivel, so to speak. In the 10-minute video below from June 8, Jericho Valdez shares some of the ideas expressed by globalists... Continue Reading →

Virus in Pig’s Heart May Have Killed Transplant Recipient

Back in January I posted the story about the first man ever to receive a pig's heart in a transplant surgery. The doctors and organizations who boasted in the mainstream media about the overwhelming success of the surgery spoke too soon. Not long after they reported that 57-year-old David Bennett was recovering well, his health... Continue Reading →

Journalist Mel K and Former Trump Official Kash Patel Discuss Concerns MSM Censors

On her March 31st show, Mel K invited former Trump Department of Defense official Kash Patel to talk about domestic and foreign policy concerns occurring under Biden. The range of topics covered in this 36-minute video below include Hunter Biden's laptop, the U.S.-funded biolabs in the Ukraine, the illegal invasion happening at the U.S.-Mexico border... Continue Reading →

Microchip Brain Implants for the General Public? “No Thanks,” Say Most Americans

A new study by the Pew Research Center reveals that while most Americans think microchip brain implants are a proper application for the sick and/or disabled, they are opposed to using them to enhance brain functions for those who have no such health needs. Negative views of microchip implants were in the majority of American... Continue Reading →

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