Pepsico dumps plans to use aborted embryonic cells

In a statement to the Children of God for life, officials at PepsiCo have agreed not to use aborted fetal cells in their products as flavor enhancers. The decision came after they realized how serious the international boycott of their products was & they listened to the voices of reason. The boycott is now being... Continue Reading →

Bilderberg 2012 will meet in Chantilly, Virginia

The New World Order conglomerate known as the Bilderberg Group is set to meet in Chantilly, Virginia May 31-June 3, 2012. The main agenda will undoubtedly be to finalize the tweaking of the U.S. Presidential race by choosing Mitt Romney's running mate. It is believed security will be tighter this year since protesters openly confronted... Continue Reading →

Aerial drones are here & in use in the U.S.

The U.S. government has active aerial unmanned vehicles (drones) in use in 20 states and 63 launch sites across the U.S. This was brought to light thanks to the Electronic Frontier Foundation which fights for the Constitutional rights of American citizens as it pertains to the access & use of technology. They filed a Freedom... Continue Reading →

Death of Voice of the Martyrs leader was suicide

In an embarrassing turn of events, Tom White, the executive director of Voice of the Martyrs who was found dead earlier this week, died of what police believe was a suicide. He was being investigated for having inappropriate contact with a young girl. Since the investigation was ongoing, no one at the ministry knew what... Continue Reading →

Human trafficking victims get funds from sell of property

Human traffickers in Houston, Texas who targeted teenage girls, and were tried and convicted in court, have had all of their property confiscated and sold.  The traffickers owned homes, restaurants, and other properties. The state of Texas took $600,000 from the sale and has awarded it in an even split to five victims. It will... Continue Reading →

Silence on “destroy all churches” statement shows double standard

Since the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia called for the destruction of all churches on the Arabian Peninsula several weeks ago, there has been scant major media coverage of this incident. And no world leader had a press conference condemning the statement. All that could be heard were crickets chirping (with the exception of Turkey... Continue Reading →

The productive policies of good capitalism

If you were to buy into what liberal liberation theologists with leftist leanings are telling you in this postmodern era, you would think that Jesus' teachings and those of the rest of the Bible promote socialist principles. But the writer in the link below gives strong Biblical and historical arguments showing how capitalism, when executed... Continue Reading →

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