It’s best to be thankful for your God-given birth gender

Unbelievers are pushing the false idea of "transgenderism" just about everywhere you turn these days while playing pretend and attempting to force others to play pretend as if one can really change genders. Genetically and biologically speaking, there's no such thing as being transgender since gender is unchangeable and based on a person's chromosomes (XX... Continue Reading →


Standing for God in a deeply corrupt society

Auburn, Indiana-- A small church is drawing the ire of some people in their community for displaying a sign telling homosexuals to repent. The sign says, "LGBTQ is a hate crime against God, repent." The Remnant Fellowship Church (RFC) began in April with the determination to "stand apart from the last days apostate church and... Continue Reading →

Ohio court rules teen transgender desire trumps parental rights

An Ohio judge stripped parents of the custody of their teen daughter for refusing to allow their daughter to get hormone treatments to pass herself off as a boy. When the case initially started a year ago, Ohio's family services agency sought custody of the girl after she complained to authorities about her parents. All... Continue Reading →

“The Message” Bible creator defends gay marriage

This is yet another reason I will hold to the King James Version. Eugene Peterson, who created the "Message Bible" (a paraphrase touted as God's word that really adds to it and takes away from it), is now openly defending gay marriage. Peterson claims he has gotten to know many gays and lesbians over the... Continue Reading →

Transgender group: It’s our duty to change church in our favor

With the backing of the United Methodist Church, LGBT group Reconciling Ministries Network are planning an August conference in Chicago for "transgenders." They claim to be Christian, of course, but their doctrines are very much anti-Christ. The purpose of the conference will be 'leadership development for "ecumenical trans and gender-expansive Christians" to equip them with the tools needed... Continue Reading →

Judge’s injunction vs. abortions & sex changes backs Bible’s view of government

Attorneys General in several states are breathing a sigh of relief after a federal judge in Texas used a preliminary injunction to put a stop to the Obama administration's attempts at using federal funds to force doctors and healthcare providers to perform abortions and sex change operations via Obamacare regulations. The Obama administration tried to... Continue Reading →

Anglican priest removed from his position for sex addiction

Warning: This post contains some language that may not be appropriate for kids. At her wit's end, the estranged wife of a vicar, whom she had been married to since 1999 and who fathered her three children, ran to a tribunal within the Church of England to tell her tales of horror and present proof.... Continue Reading →

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