VIDEO: Calgary Pastor Arrested for Protesting Sexualization of Kids at Drag Queen Story Hour

No good deed goes unpunished. A centuries-old cliché that continues to hold true in sectors of our postmodern society slowly trudging through the evil last days predicted by Christ, his prophets, and apostles. Derek Reimer is one of the latest evangelical pastors in Canada under the tyrannical Trudeau regime who has unfortunately experienced the truth... Continue Reading →

A Closer Look At the “Asbury Revival” Reveals a Gay Agenda is Afoot

Before YouTube censors his video to make it disappear, you should probably take a look at Caleb Corneloup's 17-minute video below. Caleb is an evangelical out of Australia who runs the "iThink Biblically" YouTube channel. In his video that he released yesterday, Caleb takes a closer look at who is involved in the so-called "Asbury... Continue Reading →

School Board Bans Bothersome Books in Wilson County, Tennessee

The newly-elected conservative majority Wilson County School Board in Tennessee appears to be taking their job very seriously after voters reflected a backlash against the liberal mindset that has influenced school systems. In their meeting this week, the board got down to the business of banning two books from the two high schools in their... Continue Reading →

U.S. Senate Seeks To Target Christians Committed To Traditional Marriage

With the U.S. Senate passing the deceptively titled "Respect for Marriage Act" to falsely label ungodly same-sex partnerships as "marriage," we are once again witnessing how accurate and true the Bible is in alerting Christians to various dangers. When I first heard the news, several Bible passages came to my mind. The primary one was... Continue Reading →

Homosexual “Pride” Events Are More Open About Sexualizing/Grooming Minors

A couple of days ago, the popular conservative social media influencer Libs of TikTok shared a video of a Pennsylvania homosexual "Pride" program featuring a boy who was being taught how to do a stripper pole dance. The video is so repulsive and shocking that I'm not displaying it here, but you can see it... Continue Reading →

School Trustee in British Columbia Battles Gender Ideology in Public Schools

School trustee Barry Neufeld is a public school trustee in Chilliwack, B.C. and has served in that capacity for five years. A Mennonite who is descended from Russians who fled the Communist takeover, Neufeld has been battling the cancel culture from the moment parents elected him to the office. He made it clear while he... Continue Reading →

UK Pastor Was Victim of Indirect Religious Discrimination at School, Tribunal Rules

"Beliefs which are offensive, shocking or even disturbing to others can still be protected" in a democratic society, wrote Judge Sarah King of the Cambridge Employment Tribunal in her ruling in favor of a pastor who was forced out of his job at Isle of Ely Primary School in Ely, Cambridgeshire. Keith Waters, the 55-year-old... Continue Reading →

Dumping Disney: Tucker Carlson’s Take on Hubris & Impositions of a “Woke” Crony Corporation

A few days ago, Tucker Carlson explained the recent backlash against mega-corporation Disney. The ongoing dust-up was sparked when gay rights activists pressured Disney heads at the headquarters in California to declare war against Florida over Florida's legislation that bans authority figures in schools from talking about their sex lives, sex and sexuality, and "gender... Continue Reading →

The Push to Pervert and Profane What’s Pure

I remember back in the day when the word Disney was synonymous with pure, safe family entertainment. Their movies and shows had good moral lessons to learn from and/or good, clean humor. Sadly, those days are long gone for the entertainment company. Today, leaked video surfaced of two Disney executives boasting about how they blatantly... Continue Reading →

You Know They’re Wrong If They Lie to Make Their Points on Same-Sex “Marriage”

Author/minister Michael Coren of the Anglican Church of Canada wrote an opinion piece for The Globe and Mail on July 7 entitled "Same-sex marriage is, slowly, finding acceptance in churches around the world." However, when you read his article, it seems to be just clickbait. The churches he highlights as accepting the false concept of... Continue Reading →

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