things you’ve been told are in the Bible that really aren’t

When religious traditions and legends are started and repeated through the years, it's common for us to just accept them as true unless we are determined to read the Bible for ourselves. Those of us who would rather have the truth over tradition often find it necessary to examine what we've been taught compared to... Continue Reading →

Britain demands storing phone records & emails of citizens

The government security services of Great Britain have ordered all internet service providers, landline phone companies, and mobile phone companies to store all interactions of its customers for up to a year and to allow security officials to have access to them when requested without a warrant. The British government is still negotiating with the... Continue Reading →

Turkmenistan frees pastor, other religious prisoners

Pastor Ilmurad Nuriev of Turkmenistan was freed along with 229 other religious prisoners who were arrested and imprisoned in a labor camp. Nuriev, pastor of Light to the World Protestant Church in the Mary region of Turkmenistan, was arrested in August 2010 and found guilty in October 2010 of trumped up charges of swindling, then... Continue Reading →

Superbugs tell difference between evolution & natural selection

Did you know there is a stark difference between natural selection and evolution? I didn't until recently when the differences were explained to me. Previously I thought the two terms were synonymous. Basically, evolution is the theory that a life form can naturally take completely new external information into its genes that tells it how... Continue Reading →

Manuscript evidence: the New Testament’s firm reliability

In determining the reliability of ancient writings, whether secular or religious (like the New Testament), scholars have devised standards to judge them. Those standards are the following: Bibliographic Evidence --Was the document composed close to the time of the event(s) it describes? --How many copies of the document are available to make a comparison? Internal... Continue Reading →

NY Times, legal elites dump on the U.S. Constitution

According to a New York Times article released on January 6, 2012, the U.S. Constitution is losing its appeal on the international stage. Citing a study done by professors of law at St. Louis' Washington University and the University of Virginia, democratic constitutions in other nations that used the U.S. Constitution as their foundation made... Continue Reading →

Biometric identity management pushed by EU official

Last week the Center for Strategic and International Studies hosted an identity management conference in Washington, DC. Among the distinguished guests was Frank Paul, who manages IT systems and biometrics within the EU. He criticized U.S. passports for having only digitized information instead of biometric information. Paul is of the opinion that identity management systems... Continue Reading →

Washington state senator twists Bible to support gay marriage

Washington State Senator Mary Margaret Haugen recently voted in favor of Washington's bill to legalize same sex marriage. She then proudly proclaimed on her blog why she as a "Christian" found it necessary to support it. Those in favor of gay marriage are now using her as an example of why Christians should "set aside... Continue Reading →

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