The real reason why mockers mock and scoffers scoff at the Bible

If you were to examine closely the thinking of anyone who rejects the Lord Jesus Christ--whether atheist, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, or any other religious system--you will find that the foundation of their mocking or scoffing at God's Word is quite simple. The true reason behind their philosophy was exposed centuries ago in the Bible itself.... Continue Reading →

Donald Trump gives “presidential” foreign policy speech against globalism

Do I agree with everything Donald Trump is for? No. And that's true for every other candidate I've ever been for. Donald Trump, often criticized for not being "presidential" enough, gave a very presidential speech in Washington, DC on April 27. In it he gave clear talking points on how foreign policy, after President Reagan left... Continue Reading →

Elderly Australian woman survives unharmed after car slams into her bedroom

86-yr-old Ethel Neal of Melbourne, Victoria, should have died, or at least should have been severely injured, when a driver slammed through a wall of her home. The great-grandmother was sound asleep in her bed when a driver in a blue Ford Falcon, who allegedly fell asleep at the wheel, came crashing through her bedroom,... Continue Reading →

Imprudent partnerships, egregious alliances and how God delivers us from them

It is often said, desperate times call for desperate measures. But as Christians we should be careful that our desperation doesn't lead us to throw caution to the wind or become fools that rush in when it comes to seeking the help or counsel of shady characters. In 2 Chronicles 25, King Amaziah was in... Continue Reading →

Birdwatcher in Israel discovers ancient Egyptian scarab seal

Haifa University announced on April 24 that an amateur birdwatcher stumbled upon an Egyptian scarab seal dating as far back as the 18th century BC. Alexander Ternopolsky was near the Tel Dor archaeological site on Israel's Carmel coast when he found the seal. Dor was a vibrant port city where lots of trade took place... Continue Reading →

75%+ of Americans pray for their own healing, 90% for others’ healing

Baylor University released a study on April 18 revealing that most Americans still believe in praying to God for healing. Americans are not only praying for themselves, but for others also--including the use of laying on of hands. According to Jeff Levin, "Ph.D., M.P.H., University Professor of Epidemiology and Population Health and director of the... Continue Reading →

Doctor sues Georgia Dept. of Public Health for firing him over sermons

Dr. Eric Walsh of Atlanta is claiming in a new lawsuit that he was fired from his job with the Georgia Department of Public Health because they objected to the sermons he gave at church on his own private time. Walsh was hired for the position of District Health Director for Northwest Georgia in May... Continue Reading →

Utah governor signs two laws labeling porn as a public health hazard

Fourteen percent of pastors and 21 percent of youth pastors view pornography, according to a study released in January by the Barna Group. This most likely explains why we see so many of them in the news committing sex crimes. Porn is known to alter brain functions, negatively affects committed and familial relationships and the emotions, and... Continue Reading →

Quick quotes from Donald Trump on the campaign trail

Here are some snippets from Donald Trump in Syracuse on the morning of Saturday, April 16 (see the one-hour video below for complete context): "We're going to bring our country back together... African-American, White, every person. Old, young, men, women. We're going to bring people together... I'm someone who gets along with people--all people...We're going... Continue Reading →

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