Surviving the Serpent’s venomous bite

Six-year-old Joel Canning was walking on a street near his home in Wongan Hills north of Perth, Australia when he was bitten by a venomous Western brown snake. Since they're common in Western Australia, Joel remembered being taught that the best thing to do when bitten is to stay calm so as not to speed... Continue Reading →

It’s best to be thankful for your God-given birth gender

Unbelievers are pushing the false idea of "transgenderism" just about everywhere you turn these days while playing pretend and attempting to force others to play pretend as if one can really change genders. Genetically and biologically speaking, there's no such thing as being transgender since gender is unchangeable and based on a person's chromosomes (XX... Continue Reading →

4 reasons why there’s no substantiating transubstantiation

The largest religious system of idolatry in the world, when one views it through human eyes, seems to have a lot of dignity, devotion, pomp and circumstance. A lot of it's ideas are romanticized (with the stress on the "roman" part of that word) and can easily dupe those who lack spiritual discernment into thinking... Continue Reading →

Debunking the ‘Your God murders more people than Lucifer’ argument

Anyone who has gotten to know God can testify to how merciful, patient, gracious, and loving he is. We can also attest to the innumerable ways he shows that every day to us through his many blessings. Like the psalmist in Psalm 33:4, we can declare, "For the word of the Lord is right; and all his... Continue Reading →

The one where Martin Luther called Jews ‘devils incarnate’

In 1914, one of Reformer Martin Luther's letters resurfaced as part of a German baron's private collection. Fast forward to 2018 and that controversial letter is up for auction by a German document collector. It's expected to fetch $300,000. What makes it so special, so controversial? The one-page letter contains language which highlights Martin Luther's... Continue Reading →

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