Govt. blocked from embryonic stem cells research

Thank God for the wisdom of this judge! U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth ruled earlier this week that using federal funds for human embryonic stem cell research violates a law passed in 1996 under the Clinton administration that clearly states human embryos cannot be destroyed using federal monies.  The ruling put a quick halt to the Obama... Continue Reading →

4 phases of a destructive generation

Why is it that civilizations rise and then fall?  How is it that a society can advance in its knowledge and technology, but then waste away due to its own moral decay?  There are several factors that contribute to the downfall of great societies and these factors can be condensed into four mentalities or phases that are... Continue Reading →

Recent discoveries in Israel back 3 Bible stories

Some recent archaeological discoveries were made in the ruins of Gath, Goliath's hometown.  One discovery is a Philistine temple found in ancient mound ruins by archaeologists from Bar Ilan University verifying facts told in the story of Samson's death.  The temple reveals that Philistines used two pillars to hold up their temples, which shows why it... Continue Reading →

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