Judge tosses suit against religious camp for youth

As reported by Blake Nicholson of the Associated Press in the Christian Post, a federal judge in North Dakota threw out a lawsuit against the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch which had been filed by atheists and agnostics.  The ranch has ties to the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. ... Continue Reading →

Gay sinners, gay saints, and a gay Savior?

Quite a number of years ago at a church where I was a member, I had several conversations with an older gentleman who attended the church, but was an avowed atheist.  The reason he attended church regularly was to argue against what he thought was the ridiculousness of religion, a belief in God, and the oppressive nature... Continue Reading →

An accursed thing called the gospel of Mary

The popularity of "The Da Vinci Code" for the past several years has raised interest in the gospel of Mary and other Gnostic teachings such as the gospel of Philip.  The Gnostic gospels have a tendency to either highlight Mary Magdalene as Jesus' favorite disciple or to imply that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were sexually... Continue Reading →

How accurate is the 2008 Pew poll on religion?

The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life released their poll on "Religion in America" last week and it has been a major topic in the secular and religious world since its release.  The statistics reveal that a majority of religious people in America are less dogmatic than previously thought.  Here are some of the highlights... Continue Reading →

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