Stability in tumultuous times requires godly wisdom and knowledge

Tumultuous situations in life can arise due to a number of various factors. They can be the result of bad government policies at the local, regional, or national level. They can also come about by jealous people who lash out against an innocent party just minding their own business. Those are just two examples among... Continue Reading →


Driving out distractions for comprehensive communion with God

In Genesis 15, we see how several years after Abram entered into a relationship with the Lord, Jehovah reassured Abram that all of the promises he mentioned in years past would indeed come to fruition. Despite the fact Abram was now a seasoned believer, he asked God for some evidence of the prophetic promises in... Continue Reading →

Jehovah’s pearl of great price

Increasingly the world is becoming a place where things that have lasting intrinsic value are diminished and dismissed as worthless or taken for granted, especially human life or the things that enhance the value of human life. I suspect that's why the popularity of socialism, abortion, euthanasia, cursing, drugs and other negative influences tend to... Continue Reading →

Behold the benefits when Christ reigns in righteousness

In Isaiah 32:1-2, the great prophet of old lays out what he foresaw regarding what the Messiah would bring for his people in his relationship with them. He stated, Behold, a king shall reign in righteousness, and princes shall rule in judgment. And a man shall be as an hiding place from the wind, and... Continue Reading →

God is the saving strength of his anointed

Prayer is an incredible tool used by God's saints to which the Lord responds by affecting situations in the world. For millennia, saints have called out to Jehovah to usher in his righteousness and justice in its various forms as they ask him to thwart the wicked and their wicked actions or schemes. David was... Continue Reading →

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