Writings of Prophets & Apostles Stir Up Pure Minds

The apostle Peter in his second epistle expresses what should be the intent of all saints who write regarding the spiritual matters of the Christian faith. In 2 Peter 3:1-2, he states the following: This second epistle, beloved, I now write unto you; in both [epistles] which I stir up your pure minds by way... Continue Reading →

Staying the Course for Christ Reaps Rewards

Search the scriptures regarding the nature of the kingdom of God and you'll find that the kingdom of heaven isn't for quitters or equivocators. What type of character must we possess to be readily available for active service to the Lord? The Lord Jesus Christ gives us a glimpse of what he looks for at... Continue Reading →

The Lord Jesus Gives Us the Ability to Cleanse Ourselves

None of us has the power within ourselves to save ourselves, to cleanse ourselves from all unrighteousness. If we could, it would have been unnecessary for Christ to die for our sins. However, once we repent of our sins to get saved by God's unmerited favor toward us, confessing in faith that Jesus is Lord,... Continue Reading →

Sometimes You Have To Take the Extended Route to End Up Where God Wants You

In our fast-paced world where we enjoy many conveniences that bring us results more quickly (like microwaves, cellphones, medicine, washers, dryers, search engines, etc.), it's easy to get frustrated when people or situations hinder our expected hassle-free path. Nevertheless, if we're on a journey to a place we desire to be that's in line with... Continue Reading →

Majority See Lockdowns as Opportunity for Self-Improvement

A recent survey of 2,000 people in England found that 60% of them see the shelter-in-place orders as the perfect opportunity to improve themselves. Despite all the fear and panic displayed in news headlines, most people (80%) say they are focusing on the positives that can come from the coronavirus lockdowns, 66% want to achieve... Continue Reading →

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