How Evil Spirits Increase Their Activity Against Believers in These Last Days

Brandon Holthaus, Senior Pastor of Rock Harbor Church in Bakersfield, California, released this timely video yesterday tackling the subject of how evil spirits are increasing their harassment against Christians. Holthaus gives frank and methodical explanations of what is going on and why. In his hourlong explanation he unpacks some of the tools and methods Satan... Continue Reading →

How the Trinity Was Automatically Assumed in Revelation

The book of Revelation is the culmination of God's biblical canon for his church and as such it should be no surprise that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as one Godhead have an active role in it. From verse 1 of chapter 1, we learn this awesome Revelation not only belongs to Jesus Christ,... Continue Reading →

Ministering to the Saints is Godly Work and a Labor of Love

Today when we think of the term "minister" or "to minister" in religious circles, what often comes to mind is the clergy of any church, whether dressed in suits, robes, or casual wear carrying out preaching or teaching or running a program for the congregation. However, in the Bible the word has broader application given... Continue Reading →

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