Don’t push it, or, how much do you think you can get away with?

A few nights ago in Des Moines, Iowa, Toyusi Johnson by all indications decided to get behind the wheel of his vehicle while drinking. In one sense, it didn’t end well. In another sense, he was very fortunate even though he didn’t deserve it. While driving at a high rate of speed, Johnson smashed into Curtis Quijano’s vehicle at an intersection, spun out of control, and hit two other nearby vehicles. The impacts were so forceful, it split both Johnson’s and Quijano’s vehicles in half. Miraculously, all drivers of the four vehicles involved walked away with minor injuries.

Bystanders freed Johnson from his smoking vehicle and he as well as the driver from another vehicle were taken to the hospital to get their minor injuries treated. Quijano freed himself from his own vehicle and was walking around inspecting the damage after the crash.

This miracle in Des Moines is a modern day reminder of what we see throughout the Bible where God intervened on behalf of both believers and unbelievers alike even when they acted foolishly. He showed them mercy and longsuffering as he warned them time and again to change their ways. Whether it was the false prophet Balaam, who was miraculously saved by his talking donkey from destruction, or Samson, who was given many victories over the Philistines despite his selfishness and womanizing, or the churches in Revelation, who were spared God’s judgment and given ample time to turn from false doctrines. God spared all of them for awhile so they could have time to get their act together.

But eventually they pushed things too far, despite God’s warnings and mercy, and had to face the harsh consequences of their bad judgments. In the midst of this evil generation we live in, we as believers must consider our own ways to decide what type of Christians we really will be. When God shows us his favor, will we push the envelope and see how much evil we can get away with and for how long? Or will we be the type of saints who are so grateful for his favor that we will use his blessings as opportunities to improve ourselves in our relationship with him?

He that refuseth instruction despiseth his own soul: but he that heareth reproof getteth understanding. Proverbs 15:32

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