COVID Vaccine Injuries Continue to Rise As Supreme Court Justices Share Misinformation

Given my religious and moral objections to putting anything in my body that doesn’t declare openly all of its ingredients (yes, I’m an avid label reader), that alters the human genome, or that was created using parts of aborted babies, I can never take any COVID vaccine. I also don’t put stuff in my body that doesn’t live up to it’s promises. Which is why there are allergy or sinus meds I avoid. So why would I take or continue to repeatedly take a “vaccine” that doesn’t protect against the sickness it claims to protect me from? In reality, that’s not really a “vaccine.” And I’m glad that there are other treatments available that actually work against the much-hyped-by-fearmongering-for-control manufactured virus.

Unfortunately, despite all the polls that come out where a large majority of Americans SAY they don’t believe mainstream media, their actions prove otherwise. That’s why a significant number of people have allowed themselves to be talked into or bullied into taking experimental jabs that are a cause for concern. The data is showing more and more injuries and deaths resulting from them as the media tells us, “There’s nothing to see here. Just check your brains at our doors, obey and get jabbed.” The news clip below from One America News (OAN) this past week highlights the injuries. Then the second video below from Tucker Carlson shows how some justices on the Supreme Court, who are supposed to be making a decision on Biden’s nationwide vaccine mandate affecting most Americans, purposely or ignorantly spewed false information about numbers related to COVID during their hearing.

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