Ancient Egyptian coins have Joseph’s name, likeness

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reported several days ago that archeologists in Egypt have discovered coins from ancient Egypt that have the biblical Joseph's name and likeness.  MEMRI got the report from Al Ahram, an Egyptian daily.  However, I could not find the original report to verify that.  These coins were in the... Continue Reading →

Christian symbolism in the breastplate of judgment–chapters 11 & 12

The Christian's conversion, two natures, spiritual covering, and God's continual blessings are a few things we see represented by Joseph and the Onyx. In Benjamin and the Jasper, we get a glimpse of our spiritual perfection, God's divine order, persistence in righteousness, and the fact that we are God's beloved.  The word jasper is iaspis in the Greek... Continue Reading →

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