Chinese Communist Party Bans Religious Interactions Online

In preparation for its Communist Party congress this fall, the 95-million-member Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has ordered that all religious interactions via the internet be halted starting March 1. The atheist-run authoritarian political party ruling the approximately 1.44 billion people in China is requiring a government-issued license for anyone who wishes to “disseminate religious information via text, images or audio through websites, apps, blogs or livestreams.” Receiving a license means that the recipients will agree not to proselytize, create religious organizations or schools, raise funds for any religious group, oppose the CCP, or “incite subversion” or obstruct the CCP’s “state judicial, education, marriage, social management or other systems.”

All non-Chinese people will be scrutinized more closely with their online interactions. The ban is being implemented in response to the CCP being caught by surprise at how pervasive the spread of religion has been online and the widespread conversions of individuals to specific faiths, especially among young people. Freedom House, a human rights watchdog in the US, estimates that 60 to 80 million Protestants are in China and about 12 million Catholics, including those who are underground. Muslims account for 21 to 23 million.

Given the CCP social credit score system imposed on its inhabitants to micromanage virtually every aspect of their lives from how and where they can travel, to what they can purchase, to how much they get paid, one can assume that attempts to violate this ban will lead to a lower score. Or a swift trip to jail. When one considers how callous and corrupt the CCP is, it’s no surprise that people would flee to other forms of worship besides worship of the state to find some sort of solace. And it’s no surprise that such a large number would recognize Christianity as having the most to offer as a remedy to the inherent emptiness of a socialist system. Nevertheless, as is typical of socialists, the CCP sees everyone else as the problem instead of acknowledging their own blatant failings.

Despite the fact that the CCP continues to show they have no intentions of changing their wicked ways, it boggles my mind that the majority of Bible publishers still rely on Chinese companies to print their Bibles. Why would any Christian publisher want to be unequally yoked with unbelievers as vile as the CCP who directly or indirectly owns the Chinese printing companies? A few months ago, ChinaAid highlighted the potential danger of Christians in the West relying on China for Bibles, considering the potential threat of the CCP changing its supply chain policies to restrict distribution of Bibles. Fortunately, we can see from Bible prophecy and it’s fulfillment throughout history that every powerful government that has tried to snuff out the existence of God’s word has failed. Their governments were wiped out as punishment from the Lord. The CCP will be no different. As a matter of fact, the Lord mentions China by name (Sinim) in Isaiah 49 as a people who would gather to worship him in the last days. That’s one reason why I thank God for my Christian brothers and sisters in China and pray that God will fill them with his strength and wisdom to overcome their wicked persecutors.

What do ye imagine against the Lord? he will make an utter end: affliction shall not rise up the second time. Nahum 1:9


Tsukasa Hadano, China bans online religious activity ahead of party congress, Nikkei Asia, January 6, 2022.

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