Technology’s Role in the Fulfillment of End Times Prophecy

Nathan Jones of Lamb & Lion Ministries is featured in the two videos below that were released this week. The first video below was released January 16 and is about 30 minutes. In that video, Jones discusses some of the negative things that have come about by mankind’s abuse of technology and how it may contribute to the New World Order’s “Great Reset” to push for their ultimate, Antichrist-run one world government. The second video was released today, January 19, and is almost an hour long. Jones takes a look back at how God blessed mankind from the beginning to use scientific knowledge to create various technologies that developed alongside human civilization. He then proceeds to highlight some technologies implied in end times prophecy that will aid the Satan-inspired control freaks and their followers to fulfill what the Bible warns about as they inch toward a globalist government as the rapture and great tribulation approaches.

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