Eager Anticipation to Hear the Lord Speak

After we as Christians suffer a setback or hardship, it’s a relief to see the trying situation ease up, especially if the setback was caused by our own sinful habits. If we learned some very valuable lessons from it that remind us of how important our relationship with God is, more often than not we come out of it eagerly anticipating good things to come from the Lord. That’s how the writer of Psalm 85 felt.

The psalmist took note of what he and his people had been through because of their transgressions. He also recognized how the Lord was bringing their punishment to an end as he asked for the Lord’s mercy. In response to witnessing the signs that God’s favor was unfolding on his behalf, he penned these words:

I will hear what God the LORD will speak: for he will speak peace unto his people, and to his saints: but let them not turn again to folly.

Psalm 85:8

The psalmist’s words reflect a personal, firm, confident, and sincere resolve to hear whatever the Lord had to say to him. Humility is shown in the fact that he was not only ready to listen, but to also obey the Lord. His words of anticipation and expectation show that his heart, mind, and soul were turned toward God as he awaited God’s response. The fact that he called God by his personal name, Jehovah (designated by “Lord” in all caps in the verse), and had a general sense that God would speak peace, shows that he had been close to the Lord and had read God’s word enough to know the promises which were part of a covenant relationship with him.

As he waited to hear God speak peace to him, he humbly acknowledged that he had learned from his mistakes by expressing the resolve not to turn to sinful foolishness again so as not to hinder his spiritual progress or hamper his relationship with Jehovah. All of us who name the name of the Lord Jesus Christ should have the same attitude and character this psalmist expresses. I know with the way this world is today in all its craziness with Satan on the prowl more than ever, I need to hear from the Lord on a regular, consistent basis. I don’t want all the turmoil and trouble to drown out his voice when he speaks peace to me. So if Jehovah chooses to speak that peace through his word, or his Holy Spirit, or a social media post, or a dream, or nature, or a life situation, or a podcast, or a godly video, or through any other means, hearing him speak is an honor and an encouragement that I want to embrace every time it happens.

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