satellite dishA few months ago, I joined millions in the U.S. and became part of the “Zero TV” movement. After taking a look at my budget, I decided it was time to use the funds I paid every month  to a satellite company for more productive purposes like putting some of the money in savings and giving more to charity. I got fed up with the lack of quality of shows on TV, like fake reality TV, and the lack of quality of TV stations. Out of the 150 channels I was getting, I usually only watched 20 of them at most. And I found that many times, I didn’t have time to watch my favorite shows at the time they were broadcast, so I usually ended up watching them online.

Now cable and satellite providers are feeling the heat not only from people going to Zero TV, but also from their customers who give them constant complaints about prices that keep going up without any improvements in what is offered. Last week in DC, the National Cable & Telecommunications Association held their meeting where they actually discussed how to resolve the disenchantment of the public with their services. In particular, they kicked around the idea of allowing customers to choose which channels they wanted in their package for an “a la carte” plan.

As it stands now, when the providers negotiate with companies like Viacom, if a family wants Nickelodeon, Viacom forces the providers to also include their smutty channels like Comedy Central, MTV, and VH1 in the agreement. Moving to a la carte packages would be closer to a genuine free market where unpopular channels, like all of the ones showing endless infomercials or the overabundance of home shopping channels or ultra-liberal MSNBC, would eventually die off.

Senator McCain has even introduced a bill allowing customers to choose what they want to pay for. It’s called the Television Consumer Freedom Act of 2013. Personally, I think Washington should stay out of the discussion and let the TV industry chips fall where they may.

Will change really take place in the TV industry? I doubt it. Most of the TV giants, including cable and satellite providers, are puppets for New World Order entities, which have a seemingly endless supply of cash to keep things going as they are. Television, which some believers rightfully call hellivision, remains the primary medium through which the NWO can continue to brainwash people into embracing their ungodly worldview, so I imagine they will not go gentle into that good night of positive change for TV viewers.

Source: Russ Jones & Jody Brown. Rising cable costs re-energize talk of ‘a la carte’ pricing. Monday, June 17, 2013.