One step closer to the mark of the beast

Today’s Chicago Tribune has an excellent article in their business section discussing the concerns of RFID chips in humans.  They highlight two companies who make them– and VeriChip. is a government contractor that sells surveillance equipment to municipalities.  Last year, they implanted two of their employees with RFIDs, which are microchips that are toothpick-thin and as long as two grains of rice.

This past May, as stated in the Tribune, a center in West Palm Beach, FL that takes care of Alzheimer’s patients released their plans to the public announcing they wanted to implant 200 patients and their caregivers with the chip.  The report set off a protest in the streets that included everyone from children to the elderly.  The markets, on the other hand, embraced the news and VeriChip’s stock went up 27% as a result of the report.

Of course, corporate officers from both companies are downplaying the privacy concerns that have been raised about using RFIDs in humans by stating that using the implants are no different than retinal or fingerprint scans and are useful for making sure that certain people do not have access to certain top secret information.  But how can you compare a natural part of the body with a man-made tracking device placed in or on someone?  Nevertheless, brainstorming is now occurring about using the microchips in migrant workers, soldiers, and inmates.

Perhaps it’s not enough that we can be tracked by GPS chips in our cell phones (if they’re turned on) and in our motor vehicles or that our larger municipalities are placing cameras on our streets to watch our every move.  If I’m ever incapacitated at a hospital, will I be secretly chipped when I’m unconscious?  Maybe if the government for whatever reason they see fit decides that I’m a “person of interest”, will they have someone follow me while I’m taking the subway or bus that will innocently brush up against me to secretly implant me with the prod or poke of a needle disguised as a pen?

Some states are in the process of forming laws to outlaw this tagging of humans, thank God.  The men in these companies may claim that RFIDs are harmless and will only be used in very restricted situations, but isn’t that what the government said initially about our Social Security numbers?  They were only supposed to be used for labor/employment purposes, then before you know it, they were being used for everything else from opening bank accounts to applying for financial aid to college.  Their use was only curbed after criminals started stealing other people’s identities.  When RFIDs were first introduced, it was claimed they would only be used to track animals.  Then the makers expanded their use to tracking commercial merchandise.  And now they want to expand their use even further.  Where does it end?

With technological advances such as these mixed with the gullibility and greed of humans and increasing anti-God/anti-Christianity sentiments around the world, the coming of the Antichrist and his mark is a believable and foreseeable occurrence.  But in spite of it all, I am determined that my trust will remain in the Lord Jesus Christ.

“And he [the beast/Antichrist] causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.  Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” Revelation 13:16-18

–posted by Harry A. Gaylord–

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  1. Hi Harry. You make some interesting points. In general, I’m on the other side of some of your issues … I used to sell GPS tracking for a living, but I am very aware of the serious privacy issues that are raised as well. A second point that governments in particular have not been considering is the sheer volume of the data they will collect is personal tracking becomes commonplace … just dealing with the information will become an overwhelming task, before any privacy rules and safeguards even come into play. I blog regularly on this and other aspects of GPS Tracking at

    The reason I was prompted to drop a note, however, is that your concern about cell phone tracking is _not_ limited to those modes equipped with GPS. Under FCC regulations _all_ cell phones must be trackable (usually a technique known as multilateration … triangulation off cell phone towers is used) … so the only way to be safe from cell phone tracking is not to carry one … GPS or no GPS you are being tracked whenever the phone is on, and unlike individual tracking requests from law enforcement which usually require at least the safeguard of a court order, law enforcement already has well established precedents which allow them to get “blanket” information sans any legal safeguard, such as a list of all cell phones active in a particular location at a given time … perhaps, a political rally, in a specific church or mosque, etc.

    The cellular subscribers who were there with their cell phones turned on are then all known, without their knowledge, and of course are likely to become “person’s of interest” … guilt by location so to speak. Were you just driving by, per chance? Well that fact won’t be known without further, expensive analysis … you could acquire a “tag” as a possible Muslim terrorist, as just one scary example, just by the act of having the phone turned on.


  2. Thanks, XingR, for your perspective on this issue. With ISPs keeping track of who’s looking at what on the web, the FBI “accidentally” gathering info of thousands of innocent civilians under the PATRIOT Act, GPS tracking, and security cameras on the streets, I might just have to cancel my subscriptions to anything electronic and move to the Appalachians or to Montana! 🙂

    I’m surprised no one has come out with a remake of the 80s paranoia songs like Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me” or Men at Work’s “Who Can It Be Now?” given the times we live in now.


  3. Combine this with the Real ID ACT and you will have the Mark of the Beast. The beast being the NWO. The bible clearly shows that the NWO is the Beast of Revelation. They will have to kill me before I would ever take such a mark and they bet not try to stop me from feeding my family.


  4. If you take a look at my avatar, you can see that I’ve got “PROPERTY OF JESUS CHRIST” tattooed on the back of my right hand. It’s been there since 1995, and it’ll be there forever. 🙂

    As for RFID chips, is the real issue whether people unknowingly receive them–e.g., if they’re unconscious in the hospital–or whether they deliberately take them? The Bible makes it clear that the Mark of the Beast will be a deliberate choice that people make, not a simple mistake.

    Check out my end-times sites and feel free to chime in:

    God bless,


  5. You’re absolutely right about people making the choice to receive them. One reason they’ll make that choice is because they will harden their hearts against God for the various reasons I stated in my last paragraph.

    My point is that new technologies such as the RFIDs will lay the foundation for the mark. The government and/or evil corporations have the potential of abusing their use and in the meantime making their use look innocuous to the simple-minded sinful masses.

    BTW, I’m one of those believers who believe in “the rapture.”


  6. The bible says that the second beast will cause all to receive a mark in their forhead or in there right hand.

    This mark (known as the mark of the beast) will carry the summation of 666.

    Did you know that name Allah (using gematria) carries this summation 666 at least four times? Three by way of the Hebrew language and one using the Greek!

    Go to my website and begin to learn how?


  7. Jeff,

    I don’t in any way endorse or agree with the information at the website in the above comment. There was a time when the name “Ronald R. Reagan” was associated with 666 and some people claimed he was Antichrist. Gematria and any other code-breaking systems applied to the Bible have no merit, as far as I’m concerned. The only code-breaker we need to discern what the Bible says is the Holy Spirit and the only book we need to learn from about 666 and the end times is the Bible.

    If God is using someone to share information he has revealed to them through the Holy Spirit, why charge for it? All of God’s prophets, Jesus Christ, and his apostles shared what God told them with other people for free because God didn’t want any type of monetary hindrance to getting his word to as many people as possible. If anyone wanted to give an offering to them they did it without being charged a price for it.

    Any religious system that denies Jesus Christ is Lord (God) has the spirit of antichrist and is of the devil, not just Islam. The beast that causes the mark to be placed on people is a one world government system with one leader and a religious/economic system attached to it known as the great whore who sits on seven mountains and reigned over the kings of the earth when Revelation was written (Revelation 17). In other words, Rome. It’s talking about the Vatican. Islam is just one part of the whole picture.


  8. Harryagaylord,

    The holy Spirit uses people to speak to them. And I believe he used me.

    I don’t believe you can place God in a box and say he only opperates this way or that way.

    Before I wrote Prophecy Code, I was ingnorant on how to write a book not to mention promoting it. All I had was a revelation given to me, I thought by the holy Spirit.

    Sense then, I have a book, a website, and cyberspace bookstores around the world that carry my book.

    In addition to this, I have done a radio program, met my fiance and much more all because of this book. The only thing that hasn’t resulted is me making money!

    To my joy, 90% of Prophecy Code’s readers have received the words of the book.

    If I were to offer a free book on the web, it would caust me thousands of dollars that I don’t have.

    I do however offer free books to those who ask and can’t afford my books. In fact, this morning I sent out a book to a woman in India who doesn’t have the money.

    I believe God has a message that needs to be said, and because most Christians have there eyes pointed to Rome, (mine were too) God chose to use me a weak vesel to spread his end-time message. Therefore since I listened, I have been blessed in many ways, and have grown as a result.


  9. Jeff,

    I believe, like you do, that the Holy Spirit speaks to us through other people. That’s how we got the Bible. I apologize for not making that clearer in my previous comment. Nevertheless, we are commanded to test the spirits to see whether they are truly of God.

    I still don’t put any trust in Bible code analysis because it’s too unreliable and can be twisted in various ways to come up with all kinds of “results”. Maybe I’ll do a post to go into more detail about it. You’re free to believe what you want, but I am always skeptical even if 90% of your readers receive what is said because there is so much heresy inside and outside of churches nowadays that many who call themselves Christians are deceived about so many things, so I never put my complete trust in numbers. It’s quality, not quantity, that matters most.

    I’m happy for you that many positive things have occurred in your life, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that this is God’s verification of what you’ve written. People who star in Hollywood movies or write non-Christian books or are involved in collegiate athletics (just to name a few examples) can get the same type of results.

    Offering a free book on the web no longer costs a whole chunk of change as you mentioned. There are many free blogging sites where one can put one’s book in a .pdf or other format and allow people to download it or view it for free at no cost to you.

    Many people’s eyes are on Rome because that’s where they should be, but Rome isn’t the only evil force around. This is why we should walk “circumspectly” as the scriptures say, being aware of what’s going on around us.


  10. O. K. I here what your saying. I know that back slapping, and that-a-boys doesn’t make my theory on antichrist, his kingdom, and the timing of his coming any more the gospel truth then a bunch of liberals declaring that global warming is the truth.

    Obviously you need mounted evidence, which brings me to what I want to say about who is or who will be the ten toes of Daniel 2: 41-43.

    In Daniel 2:37, paraphrasing Daniel’s dream it says, that Nebuchadnezzer (the head of Gold), and every metal that fallows (equaling 4) including the ten toes of mire and metal (the 5th)will have God given dominion over all mankind. This dominion would be given by reason of controlling a 40 acre peace of land called the temple mount.

    Those who posses the temple mount platform would control every living thing on the planet according to Daniel 2:36-38.

    I won’t get into who the metals are, but I will say that the legs of iron must be a Greco/Roman earth, or democracy – I give multiple reasons as to why this must be true in my book Prophecy Code.

    However, I will say that the identity of every metal including the identity of the clay can be found within the prophetic books, all except one: The Roman empire.

    Nonetheless, let’s assume for a moment that the iron in the legs is democracy, leaving one to assume that the iron found mixing and mingling with the mire (or clay) in Dan 2: 41-43 is also democracy.

    Now to understand the identity of the ten toes one must look at the Hebrew translation of the verbs “mixed” and “mingled” used to describe how the metal and mire come together.

    Harryagaylord, the two verbs mixed and mingled translate from the word “Arab”.

    In other words, the iron of democracy will “arab” (mix) with the clay but will still remain divided according to Daniel.

    I’m convinced Harryagaylord that the clay must be the religion of Islam, given this evidence and other evidences from my book.

    Still, we do know that the mount is Islam’s third holiest site by way of the two mosques. Could this be another clue of the clay depicting Islam?

    In Psalm 83, we have 10 ancient countries forming an allience “to destroy them (Israel) as a nation”.

    Today these 10 ancient countries are all Muslim (6 of which are Arab) and surround Israel.

    I’ve done my research and found that today they’re:
    1 Saudi Arabia
    2 United Arab Emirates
    3 Qatar
    4 Bahrain
    5 Kuwait
    6 Iraq
    7 Jordan
    8 Palestine
    9 Lebanon
    10 Syria

    In conclusion: I see no possible way that the EU is the future ten nation empire of mire and metal that most eschatoligist suggest.


  11. Jeff,

    Islam will indeed play a role in the attempt to destroy Israel in these end times. However you have omitted some major scriptures and have tried to minimize or do away with Rome’s involvement.

    The Roman Empire was divided into 10 kingdoms which account for the 10 toes of the statue in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. Great technological advances and trade in ironworks were spread in greater degree by the Roman Empire over and above any empire up to that time which explains why they are symbolized by the metal.

    Revelation 17 tells us that the harlot atop the scarlet beast was drunk with the blood of the saints. The Roman Empire and its successor the Holy Roman Empire have shed more Christian blood than any other organization/empire on Earth, past or present, including Islam. Revelation 17 also says the whore is a city on seven hills or mountains that reigns over the kings of the earth, as I said in a previous comment. This can only refer to Rome, who will eventually be destroyed by the beast.

    But here’s an interesting bit of information for you–the Vatican recruited the prophet Mohammed to start the Islamic religion as a way to bring Arabs into their fold. They wanted to use the false prophet’s followers to slaughter Jews and Christians. But, of course, the Islamists became power hungry along the way and wanted to be free of Vatican influence and so the Crusades were started to punish the treacherous Islamists and target Jews and genuine Christians. However, Islam and Roman Catholicism still enjoy a rather cozy relationship. If you look at the Catholic catechism 841, it says that followers of Mohammed are saved.

    Is Ezekiel 38 mentioned in your book? It names six nations who will join together in the battle of Armageddon against Israel after Israel signs a peace treaty with its enemies and none of them is on your list. The curious thing is that Sheba and Dedan (Saudi Arabia) and its young lions (various Islamic/Arab nations?) with Tarshish (Spain) ask the gathered armies what they’re up to as if they were left out of the decision in Ezekiel 38.

    Your research may be partially correct, but you have to take into account all scripture from Genesis to Revelation. And the inclusion of Bible codes has a tendency to muddy the truth and throw things off track. Any theories that count Rome out are in error.


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