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Pastor recruited to be government informant speaks out about FEMA plans

church vs. stateA month ago, the New York Times reported that many federal agencies that have nothing at all to do with law enforcement or public safety have federal agents posing as demonstrators, doctors, businesspeople, clergy, etc. to inform on people in various settings of American society. Additionally, it has also been reported that the government has recruited at least 28,000 pastors as part of a “Clergy Response Team.” That number, if I were to venture a guess, is probably a low estimate.

One pastor who was recruited to be on that so-called “Team” has given radio host Dave Hodges a whole bunch of revelation on what is actually happening behind closed doors between the government and these pastors. Here’s a sample of what they are asked to do should a federal emergency be declared:

♠ Homeland Security (DHS) has urged pastors that they should preach on the government’s interpretation of Romans 13, stating that the Bible commands parishioners to obey the government, no matter what, because they were given their offices by God himself.

♠ There are, indeed, plans to institute martial law and to forcefully relocate people to FEMA camps under the guise of bioterrorism while taking advantage of National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that allows citizens to be detained indefinitely by the government.

♠ Pastors were instructed on how to comfort those who will inevitably be separated from family members (who are most peoples’ support system).

♠ They were told they should go to the homes of people who refuse to evacuate and persuade them to leave to go to the camps.

♠ Pastors were told to avoid talk about God and avoid quoting scripture since it has been used to oppress people.

♠ Any pastor not wearing a government-distributed badge verifying they had received this training would not be allowed in “DHS Safety Zones.”

♠ Any pastor that is trained must not disclose to anyone any part of the program or that he/she is part of the “Clergy Response Team.”

♠ They are expected to inform on citizens and parishioners with no regard to confidentiality of counseling sessions, personal confessions or any other communication with any clergy done secretly (whether rabbi, priest, etc.).

This all is part of the divide and conquer mentality (“…if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand,” Mark 3:25) so prevalent when governments overstep their boundaries. Or when they cave to Vatican pressure or mimic Vatican methods of operating to start up Inquisitions, violating what the Founding Fathers were trying to prevent with the First Amendment’s religion clause. The tax laws that established churches in America as 501c3s and government-approved entities that in some form or another answer to them, sponsored by Lyndon Baines Johnson, was one of the foundations to push the U.S. in this direction.

Nevertheless, the church (i.e. God’s people) will have to learn to rely on the Holy Spirit’s discernment more to know who’s a backstabbing fake and who is for real, keeping in mind that not even the gates of hell shall prevail against us. We can pray that this type of emergency never happens. The government should beware of the fact that God’s word clearly states that among the seven things he considers an abomination is “he that soweth discord among brethren,” Proverbs 6:19.

Source: Dave Hodges, A Clergy Response Team Insider Reveals the Duties of a Pastor Inside of a FEMA Camp,, December 10, 2014.


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