I’ve stated several times before that when it comes to atheists and the debates they want to have with Christians, it should never be assumed that they are truthful. As a matter of fact, it’s better to assume that they are either lying or misinformed and to fact-check their statements. These are the very things that Creation Ministries International (CMI) has discovered over the years when it comes to whatever they post online–whether it be their scientific articles, podcasts, or videos.

Atheists have used several tactics to target CMI. One tactic is to badger their staff writers about responding to an atheist wiki that criticizes articles CMI releases. A CMI writer has highlighted six good reasons why he generally ignores their badgering. One reason is that the atheist wiki critics usually give clear indications that they don’t really read CMI articles in their entirety to get all their information correct. Another reason is that responding to them would give them undeserved publicity, especially since the atheists show no interest in getting their information correct from jumpstreet. Furthermore, he points out that CMI has thousands of resources on their website covering a vast array of topics that speak to atheists’ claims, so it would be pointless to chase down every atheist post.

Silenced & censored (creative commons photo by Jennifer Brandel)Another tactic hurled at CMI has been online mob attacks and complaints against videos they post on YouTube. Atheists mirror their videos on other YouTube accounts and deluge the videos with negative tags, comments, and dislikes to make videos appear further down in search results or they submit several complaints to YouTube administrators claiming that CMI’s videos are inappropriate, which then prompts YouTube to take them down. This ultimately serves to hamstring the potential of CMI’s videos to gain momentum in the number of views they get for people who may be sincerely searching for answers to valid questions.

Finally, CMI is now facing challenges on its Facebook page since FB allows its users to rate pages. Atheists are taking to FB in droves to try to weigh down CMI’s ratings on its page in attempts to get fellow FB users to ignore them. The same thing happens to materials they display for sale on Amazon.

So acknowledging the battle faced by CMI as expressed by Paul in Ephesians 6:10-11, the writer has come to this conclusion–“We cannot stop the negative feedback. We cannot change hearts (only God can). We cannot do anything but stand our ground and attempt to give the best answer we can to the challenges of the skeptics, even if they do not play by the same rules as us.”

Source: Don Batten, Responding to atheistic opposition: Underhanded tactics include attempted censorship, Creation.com, December 4, 2014.