Just because an argument SEEMS to be true doesn’t mean it IS true

jury trialCold-case detective J. Warner Wallace gives his take on what he has witnessed among young people from Christian homes when they are exposed to alternative, opposing arguments to the truth of Christianity. He compares atheists to attorneys presenting their case before a judge and jury. Here’s an excerpt:

‘I’m sometimes surprised to see how quickly young Christians are shaken when they first encounter a well-articulated objection (or opposing claim) from someone denying the truth of the Christian worldview. When we first started taking missions trips to the University of California at Berkeley, I watched my Christian students to see how they would react when confronted by impassioned atheists. Some were genuinely disturbed by what they heard. Protected by their parents for most of their young Christian lives, it was as if they weren’t even aware of alternative explanations. Now, as juniors and seniors in high school, they were hearing the “other side” for the first time, and the atheist ambassadors we placed before them were eloquent, passionate and thorough. Many of these students wondered how these atheists could be wrong, given the length and earnest (even zealous) nature of their presentations. But after sitting in hundreds of criminal trials of one nature or another, I’ve learned something important: The fact the opposition can make a case (even an articulate, robust and earnest case), doesn’t mean it’s true.

‘…Don’t be shaken just because the other side can articulate a defense. This happens all the time in criminal trials, even when our defendants are obviously (and even admittedly) guilty. Be ready in advance for passionate, robust, articulate, alternative explanations. But remember, the fact the other side can make a case doesn’t mean it’s true.’

Read more: J. Warner Wallace, The Fact the Other Side Can Make a Case Doesn’t Mean It’s True, CrossExamined blog, December 15, 2014.

4 thoughts on “Just because an argument SEEMS to be true doesn’t mean it IS true

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  1. I know that we cannot save these atheists, but how can we help them. God loves them so much. My sadness is huge and I cry many tears. Lord, send someone into their lives that they will listen to. To get to know you more is a privilege.


    1. Amen. We can only do our small part to plant & water with our gospel evidence & prayer, but it’s only God who gives the increase–which can only happen when the soil of their hearts is softened with humility, a rare thing for atheists.


  2. We cannot save them ourselves, but we can do our part by doing what Jesus did – talk with them, be kind to them, be there for them, and pray for them. His ” In your face” type messages were pretty much reserved for the Jewish leaders, who should have known better.


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