Just as we are on many issues, Christians are divided on whether or not the Earth is billions of years old (Old Earth) or just thousands of years old (Young Earth). It is rare for Christians of either camp on this issue to share the same stage if there are conferences and/or forums that deal with Earth’s age. Young Earth ministries such as Creation Ministries International and Answers in Genesis are often snubbed or ridiculed by Old Earth ministries like CrossExamined and Reasonable Faith. Old Earth Christians tend to believe the Young Earthers are making Christianity look foolish and uneducated to the secular scientists and the rest of the world who think the fossil record proves billions of years.

Creation Museum depicts human-dinosaur coexistenceDoes it really matter how old Earth is? How can the Earth’s age possibly have any ramifications for our being saved by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus? Is it worth it to even bother with this issue?

I am biased in favor of the Young Earth stance even though you will find I include both types of ministries in my links to the right side of the screen here at my blog. I think Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis makes very strong arguments to prove the importance of believing in a young earth. The main reason being that the Old Earth stance calls into question the authority of scripture. How so? Old Earth holds the belief that dinosaurs pre-date man by millions of years, but the fossil record shows that dinosaurs–supposedly dated millions of years before humans supposedly arrived–died, had diseases, and killed other dinosaurs. This contradicts the Bible’s account that death and suffering came only after the fall of man.

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Harry A. Gaylord