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After years of being censored on Facebook by having my stats lowered, fake followers who are added and then deleted as part of their mind games, notifications blocked, and various other psy ops games the gatekeepers at Facebook play, I have now opened an account with If you have never heard of, it was started by a young man who worked as a conservative in Silicon Valley only to have his conservative views ostracized and to witness the machinations and manipulations of the left behind the scenes (see his video interview here)–especially when Donald Trump began his campaign . So he left and started to allow conservatives and others to express their views uncensored.

I have never been someone to beg and plead for someone to follow or like me on social media and I don’t plan for that to change. I just let people know where I am and they can choose of their own volition what to do. I guess my thinking in that regard is to follow Christ’s lead as he ran his ministry. He never advertised himself and let his preaching/teaching and actions speak for themselves–so much so that even his brothers made fun of him for that approach in John 7:2-8.

My site is and I will share interesting news stories and other information, just as I do on Facebook to let people know what’s going on in the world as the day of Christ’s rapture and return approaches.

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  1. Interesting comment but so true on advertising ministry. Never really thought about it like that. You make a good point though. I always felt like something was wrong to me when pages, churches and even speakers are pushing or striving for followers.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and not compromising, it’s admirable.


  2. Interesting, how did Facebook censor you? I can believe it as I believe that my research has been censored. Charles Chiniquy, according to Quebec Canada academic Richard Lougheed is still Canada’s best-selling author or all time, possibly Lincoln’s best friend, and yet our beloved CBC here in Canada, (is it the Communist Broadcasting Corporation?) which gets in the region of $1 Billion tax dollars to promote, what? yet this “public broadcaster” has never mentioned Chiniquy’s name on a national or provincial broadcast. One can read a bit more on this at
    US media entities seem to also want to censor him. I am interested in this and the founders story. Thanks for the info


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