Is anyone actually still listening to the mainstream media (MSM) any more? You know, the ones who told us Hillary would win. The ones who told us she was constantly up in the polls. The ones who deny that terrorism is a Muslim problem. The ones who give us fake news, then falsely accuse others, like alternative news outlets, of fake news when those alternatives are truthful.

Now the liars in the MSM want us to believe Trump is lying about illegal immigrants voting. If we compare their record to Trump’s on accuracy, can we really trust them? Let’s look at a few examples. Trump talked candidly about no-go zones in London where sharia patrols occur. The MSM had a fit of rage and tried to discredit him, only to have police officers in London verify Trump was accurate. Then Trump expressed his shock on Maria Bartiromo’s show in January 2016 about how bad Brussels had become in not dealing with Islamist radicals and Muslim refusal to assimilate. The MSM went ballistic on Trump, then shortly thereafter, the Brussels terrorist attacks happened. Months before that, Trump spoke of how he saw Muslims in New Jersey celebrating on 9/11 when the World Trade Center towers fell. The media again tried to trash him, but then enough witnesses came forward and enough people did their history homework to verify that there were large groups of Muslims cheering 9/11 just as Trump said. Columnist/author Ann Coulter pointed some of these things out back in March.

Now the MSM is not only joyously celebrating worthless calls for a recount, implying that they believe (without any proof) some fraud occurred to rob Hillary of some votes, they are attempting to discredit Trump when he states that fraud occurred against him to rob him of the popular vote. While Hillary suffered a sound defeat even though the system was rigged in her favor (making her claims look baseless), Trump’s allegations are well within reason and he speaks from the standpoint that he won against the odds and the system worked in spite of attempted riggings–given what occurred in the run-up to the election based on the following proof:

Obama encourages illegals to vote

Illegal in Texas arrested for voting 5 times

Three arrested in Florida and Virginia for voter fraud

Soros-backed Democrats cover up fraudulent voting by illegals

Liberals (Democrats) want illegals to be allowed to vote — that’s because illegals tend to favor Democrats and their harmful policies, such as the compromising of the rule of law which was obvious during the Obama administration.

So when I hear the MSM lose it over a hot-button issue, such as Trump’s pointing out the existence of voter fraud, I tend to look at what they ridicule with their biases and assume the opposite of what the MSM is saying is most likely the truth when a smidgen of evidence exposes their lies.