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South African 8-year-old experiences miracle in the midst of an accident

ct-scanEight-year-old Ryno van der Westhuizen was playing at home in October when he fell on a 2-inch (5 cm) piece of metal from a door handle that ended up lodged right below his left eye. After being rushed to an urgent treatment center, doctors quickly took a CT scan to determine the gravity of the situation and what needed to be done to help Ryno. To their amazement, the metal miraculously missed both his eye and his brain.

They discovered no major damage had occurred, so the next step they had to determine was what route to take to remove the metal. The metal missed his brain by millimeters and none of the nerves surrounding his eye were damaged, but it was lodged deep in his eye cavity. Doctors took him to specialists with state-of-the art equipment at a hospital nearby. They scanned his blood vessels to figure out the safest way to remove the metal, then performed the surgery. The metal was successfully removed without any complications like internal bleeding or infections.

Ryno has now made a full recovery and the injury didn’t affect his vision. Doctors are still shocked at how everything turned out so well. His parents attribute it to being a true miracle from God and are thankful God blessed them with a team of doctors who had the proper medical advances to help things go smoothly.

Source: TMG Digital, ‘A miracle from God’ – How boy (8) survived freak accident that shocked doctors, Sowetan Live, November 16, 2016.


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