Quotes on why I should see the “Noah” movie that made me NOT want to see it

The Internet is all abuzz about an article that appeared at TheBlaze.com today on the upcoming Noah movie starring Russell Crowe. The article featured critiques on the film from Jerry Johnson, CEO of the National Religious Broadcasters, Phil Cooke, a media consultant, and John Snowden, Biblical consultant for the movie.

These men seemed to be doing their best to get Christians to want to go see it and all they did in the end for me is make me not want to see it. I guess it’s most likely due to the fact that I’m of the opinion that if you just present what the Bible said backed up with good special effects that stand true to the Bible without adding a bunch of extra-biblical fluff, you can come away with a powerful storyline that will generate huge box office returns. But that’s just me.



Here are a few of the things they said that turned me off:

  • “[The ‘Noah’ team was] adamant that a biblical consultant come in…They always wanted to honor what they were reading in the text, so they never … had an agenda to mock anything.” — Snowden, the Biblical consultant. I’m sure the fact he was paid to be the consultant didn’t impact this statement at all, SNH. But further down in the article, it mentions that theistic macroevolution is injected into the storyline. Maybe this mockery is unintentional, but it’s still a mockery nonetheless. Hiring a “biblical consultant” doesn’t impress me either since people from the Jesus Seminar can call themselves a biblical consultant.
  • “Paramount Studios is not a Christian organization …they do fill in stuff.” — Cooke.
  • “For 10 years or more we’ve been asking Hollywood to create biblical films. Now that they’re doing it, do we really want to get upset with them?” — Cooke. So is he saying that Christians should just accept anything that Hollyweird puts out that it labels Christian without discerning its quality?
  • “Christians who protest Hollywood projects often make things harder for believers who are embedded in the entertainment field.” — Cooke. I would argue that it’s Christians who want to please men more than God who make it harder for believers. Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach & Adednego served under pagan kings and suffered their lives being threatened at times, but they didn’t compromise and God blessed them by turning even the pagan kings’ hearts in their favor.
  • “…environmental sin is a theme… I think he [Noah] borders on looking crazy and it’s hard to match that to the Genesis text,” but “Why don’t we turn it into something evangelistic?” — Johnson. This presents another mockery that Snowden above said wasn’t part of their agenda. They inject environmentalism, a New World Order theme.

Noah’s story is also a story about the table of nations. We are all his descendants. I know some people will be angry at me for pointing this out, but this is never represented in any presentation on Noah that I’ve ever seen, including this film. In order for there to be an array of skin pigmentations throughout the earth, I seriously doubt if Noah’s whole family looked like today’s Europeans. Just sayin’. And I’m not being racist, I’m being real. Because that’s what God’s word is.

What I gather from the making of this movie is that Hollywood’s focus is still to make money to further its liberal New World Order agenda by duping Christians into seeing and being brainwashed by their principles while they market it as being Christian. It’s kind of the same thing that a lot of churches are doing today. Maybe instead of Christians going to the devil’s playground to beg them to make movies for us as consumers, we should instead focus on producing our own like the makers of the movie “Courageous” have done.

If you get a chance you might want to read the article. Many of the comments at the end of it are priceless.

Harry A. Gaylord


9 thoughts on “Quotes on why I should see the “Noah” movie that made me NOT want to see it

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  1. Hello Harry i pray everything is going well for you. Just wanted to ask if i could translate some of your posts into Greek so i can give to people? i was hoping to make a book talking about different topics in religion and was hoping i could translate some of your posts thanks


  2. Just one thing to add.

    The one thing that never fails to amaze me is how disgusting some people can be, for example if you search creationism in Google and go images you get so much criticism i mean if you dont accept something that’s fine but why do people deem it necessary to do things like that is beyond my knowledge. And another thing that really bugs me is the Greeks i have to say that the Greeks are one of the most blasphemous and profane people you will ever come across and the fact that Greece now is “Returning to their vomit” in other words their return to worshiping the 12 gods and their vile ways makes me sick. It was god who freed us from Turkish occupation after 500 years they did so many bad things to us and now people have the guts to say such blasphemous words it really bugs me


    1. Nick,

      I understand how you feel. What’s going on in Greece is going on around the world. So many Europeans died in WWII fighting against Hitler’s form of socialism and Mussolini’s fascist atheism, but then they embraced the infusion of socialism and atheism into their domestic policies. The British, French, Belgians, and others acknowledge the threat Islam poses to their nations, but then they turn around and allow sharia to reign in some of their communities where Muslims congregate. Mexico, the US, and Canada are all embracing the same type of destructive policies and mentalities. The world has become like the corrupt Canaanite societies mentioned in the Old Testament which prompted God to use Israel to punish their wickedness. All of the world’s sins are building up as justification for God to unleash worldwide punishment like he did in Noah’s era as time draws closer to Christ’s return.


  3. I’m really glad to have just found your website. I heartily agree with you about Noah, as well as all the other Hollywood productions that some “Christians” seem so enamored with….Son of God, etc. Why is it that the Christian community seems so happy that Hollywood is throwing them crumbs but is just mocking the Bible by so distorting it….adding to it…taking away from it? I’m not that desperate to be entertained that I will give time and money to a blasphemous Hollywood movie.


    1. Hi, Linda.

      I think one problem with many in the Christian community is that we become so focused on being liked and accepted by the world that we will compromise for that purpose so we can tell them “See we Christians aren’t so bad after all. Please like us!”


  4. The movie co-stars Jennifer Connelly, whose mother is Jewish, and Logan Lerman, who is 100% Jewish. Surely they can play Old Testament characters.


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