A rising tide lifts all boats (unless a boat is sabotaged)

Sinking shipI’ve admitted several times before that I’m a big fan of capitalism when it’s carried out based on righteous principles. Principles such as placing the dignity of human life above material wealth or rewarding those with good ethics who work hard or honoring one’s promises to produce good products. As in all things that have humans running them, the American capitalist system has never been a utopia, but it has (until recently) held out the hope that each successive generation will do better than previous generations.

Unfortunately, in the past few decades crony capitalism has been tainting the system with it’s ever-increasing presence while U.S. Presidents from both parties set policies to enhance cronyism for the sake of the New World Order (NWO). While they give us promises of signing agreements and laws that will help Americans thrive and compete in the world economy (whether its free trade agreements, healthcare reform, education reform such as “No Child Left Behind,” etc.) they often end up having the opposite effect. So President after President and decade after decade, more and more people get dropped from the middle class by design while the stooges of the NWO, who have one foot in crony capitalism and the other foot in what I call oligarchic socialism, are standing by to tell those who drop from the middle class that it’s capitalism’s fault and we need more socialism.

Bill Moyers (who I’m no fan of) illustrates this point in this YouTube video below. He highlights the hypocrisy of President Obama who has often claimed Wall Street bankers and capitalists are a threat to the middle class, then enlists the help of crony capitalists to put together the Trans Pacific Partnership that he wishes to ram through Congress with no opposition–a secretive trade agreement he says will strengthen America’s economy, but will most likely shrink the middle class even more. The crony capitalists even give ginormous bonuses to those in their ranks who are willing to leave the private sector to work for the government to help in this endeavor.

I also came across the following article at PrisonPlanet.com that highlights the struggles many Americans are going through in this stagnant economy: “10 Stories From the Cold, Hard Streets of America That Will Break Your Heart” by Michael Snyder.

When it comes to the economy, a rising tide definitely lifts all boats, but many Americans’ boats are sinking because they’ve been sabotaged. However, that doesn’t have to be the end of the story, especially for a Christian. 1 John 4:4 promises us that “greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” So if anything God does is more powerful than anything Satan can conjure up, including all the forces and market manipulations of the NWO, we should look to God for wisdom in navigating around their attempts to sink us.

Harry A. Gaylord

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  1. It was wonderful to see your scripture. Not to appear as a “miss-know-it-all”, but just wanted to say that the first part of 1John 4:4 is (my opinion only) spectacular. We are overcomers. A lot of people leave this first part out, but to me, it is fantastic. BLESSINGS.


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