New fossil shows snakes & lizards didn’t share ancestor

A recently discovered fossil of a lizard in Germany has debunked another macro-evolutionist theory that lizards and snakes evolved from the same ancestor. The fossil, according to the scientists, is the oldest known fossil of a lizard and shows indisputable anatomical evidence that snakes and limbless lizards could not have evolved from the same animal. Their fossil dating puts it at 47 million years old.

The lizard, called Cryptolacerta hassiaca, was a burrowing lizard closely related to amphisbaenians, or worm lizards. X-rays taken of the fossil were compared to DNA and anatomies of various snakes and lizards. According to researchers at Humboldt-Universität in Berlin, Germany, “This fossil refutes the theory that snakes and other burrowing reptiles share a common ancestry and reveals that their body shapes evolved independently.” More than likely, these scientists are now trying to conjure up another myth evolutionary theory to explain their findings.

Basically, the scientists spent a lot of time and money to find out what the Bible already tells us in Genesis, that God created every type of animal group after its kind. Snakes and lizards are two separate groups of reptiles, two separate kinds of animals, so godly wisdom and godly knowledge would automatically draw a person to the conclusion that they obviously didn’t come from the same animal. Duh! Not only was their previous theory way off base, but so is their dating. Since we know their conclusions highlight how correct the Bible is, we can also draw the conclusion that this fossil is not 47 million years old, but only thousands of years old because that’s how old the Bible tells us the Earth is.

Their findings not only show how accurate the Bible is (even if they don’t realize it), but their wrong-headed conclusions about the data highlight how Darwinist scientists, even in the face of being shown how wrong evolutionary theories are, will still cling to macro-evolutionary theories because they are afraid to give up their false philosophical notions that God doesn’t exist.  So their false philosophies will continue to render their misintrepretations of the evidence.

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction. [Proverbs 1:7]

Source: Lizard Fossil Provides Missing Link to Show Body Shapes of Snakes and Limbless Lizards Evolved Independently,, May 19, 2011.

–posted by Harry A. Gaylord–

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    1. The age of the Earth can be calculated several ways. You can calculate using the genealogy of Jesus who was known to be born anywhere between 4 and 1 BC and take into account the ages of the people in Genesis 5 when you count backwards. You can calculate using major events in the Old Testament like the fall of Babylon, take the ages of the people from Israel who were involved, and count backwards using the ages of the people in Genesis 5. There isn’t one verse that says “this is the age of Earth.” But all of this would probably be meaningless if one doesn’t believe the facts in the Bible and clings to false gospels like the gospel of Bartholomew.


  1. Try reading a few more relevant articles like this one explaining e few more facts not misinterpreted information and there are many, many more.

    Generally, all they find are teeth to identify their finds and if you wish to misinterpret the bible and forget it is just a guide to live in peace and harmony, an in turn the other cheek , or love thy neighbour be a good Samaritan.
    Why do so many get so fanatical that they become blinkered to the point that everyone else is wrong. Remember that not even the many authors of the various parts of the bible still got a bit confused- here is one of many sites mentioning differences-

    Just remember that God should be respected and loved for his kindness, love , and the belief that we can be saved; not feared and used to kill and destroy (nobody gets real respect and love from this sort of behaviour).
    Too many people around the world, through-out history, have used religious texts to dominate those they can, through fear. Yet is there not a commandment saying something about not killing and maybe some others saying other things about how to treat all people in a nice manner. It all comes down to the which opinionated perspective you wish to take -one where you do things to help everyone – or you can do things only for yourself which becomes a obstruction to the betterment of us as a whole. Open your eyes, even some senior Papal advisors believe in science and can relate it to the bible (it may prevent you from falling off the edge of the world if you literally believe as the literal interpretation of sections talk about seeing the whole world from mountain tops so the world is flat! )


    1. Your links don’t change what I’ve said here. The Darwinists are just giving their view of the findings based on their philosophical assumptions that microevolution and natural selection are correct, whereas I give my view of the findings based on my Christian worldview that the Bible is 100% correct and trumps Darwinist thought.

      Contrary to what your Bible contradictions link says, the Bible is not contradictory and the arguments you tried to bring up in your previous comment where you attempted to highlight Bible contradictions were totally annihilated by the truths found in the Bible.


  2. It is such a pity that there are people who have so much trouble understanding the truth. Until you do, you will not be able to live in harmony with the rest of the population. By the way if you consider looking up philosophy you will find it in several sources – “The word “philosophy” comes from the Greek φιλοσοφία (philosophia), which literally means “love of wisdom” “. Therefore scientists, by your own statements, love wisdom: whereas you’r making assumptions from data which although based on fact for the outline of the stories is just stories to provide a guide to life.
    To say the bible, especially in its present form as it has changed over the years, is 100% correct is delusional and bordering on insane. Even some other forms of christianity use different forms of the bible as well as different interpretations and methods of belief. So which version is correct ? It would be very wrong to consider that only your version is correct, just look at the religious based fanaticism and the problems it causes in our present situation with a few radicals in Islam, let alone look back through history ( e.g.:-the inquisitions though parts of Europe)
    As for the contradictions I noticed you didn’t bother even trying to show examples of how incorrect these are, basically due to the fact you are unable to. These are statements directly quoted from the bible and there are plenty more if you only look ( I have read not only the bible but several other religious texts many times over looking for the truth). At least I base my arguments on fact and wisdom unlike some others who base it on their own interpretation of a loosely factual piece of literature and the faith that they are right and everyone else is wrong (this is not what Jesus taught as he taught tolerance and not to judge others, and to open up what was solely a jewish only faith to everyone).
    I still consider that the basic tenants of these texts is more about how to live with consideration for others, and not ignorance. So I do this in a attempt to open your eyes to what is reality.


    1. There are two kinds of wisdom–the wisdom of this world and the wisdom of God. Philosophy, or the love of wisdom, is the love of the world’s wisdom and God’s word says the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. That’s why these scientists keep making mistakes. They’re not in love with God’s wisdom so they theorized that snakes and lizards had the same ancestor, but their theory has been proven wrong by these findings.

      You are misinformed if you think the Bible has changed over the years and those who are really delusional are people like you who are uneducated about the Bible’s true history. The only valid English Bible is the kjv. Ancient teachers from the ancient school of Alexandria, Egypty like Philo, Origen, and Clement created falsified manuscripts of the Bible by taking out words and adding words. But God used his people to preserve his words as they were translated from Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic and those manuscripts became part of the Received Text on which the kjv is based. All other versions are based on the counterfeit Alexandrian texts.

      The fact that you can’t get your facts straight is proven by your statement that ties differing Bible versions to radical Islam. Islam is not based on the Bible. It is based on a book called the Koran which was created by a false prophet named Mohammed. What Mohammed wrote doesn’t even agree with anything in the Bible. So apparently you haven’t read either one and aren’t in the position to make the statements you’re making.

      The Inquisitions were thought up by the Roman Catholic Church and Roman Catholicism isn’t Christian. Catholicism is based on the Roman pagan system which is traced back to Baal worship. Constantine the Great gave his pagan gods Christian names to deceive the people into bowing down to his false religion that sought to appease both Christians and pagans simultaneously. So once again, you are letting your ignorance show.

      Your arguments, therefore, aren’t based on facts or wisdom like you claim and you’re the one who needs a reality check. I’m more than able to show how wrong the info is at the website you linked to above, just like I was able to tear down your false arguments when you left your comment at my post entitled “an accursed thing called the gospel of Mary.” I just don’t have the time presently to do it, but I will tear them down when the time is right for me. With God’s help, I’ll cut through them with the sword of his Spirit like a knife cuts through soft butter. But, of course, because your heart is hardened it won’t do you any good, since you haven’t changed your mind even when I showed how foolish your previous statements were.


  3. Oh , by the way I find it interesting that you claim that educated religious officials in the upper echelon of Catholicism are quote “The Darwinists are just giving their view of the findings based on their philosophical assumptions that microevolution and natural selection are correct, whereas I give my view of the findings based on my Christian worldview that the Bible is 100% correct and trumps Darwinist thought.” unquote.
    They embrace science as a way to backup the bible instead of being exclusionist in their understanding of the world – this second exclusionist type of thinking came about through fear of losing control and a lack of understanding. The same thing occurred when the printing press was invented, and there are still people who do not believe what Hitler did to so many people in the cleansing of Germany, as examples of fact.
    What do you think they would have to say on this and are they wrong as well?
    So much wrong is done due to fear and ignorance and we must try to overcome this with love , compassion, tolerance and understanding.


    1. In my previous comment that you quoted, I said “microevolution” when I meant “macroevolution.” I have nothing to do with Catholicism and Catholicism has nothing to do with me, so there’s no use in bringing that false religion to bear in your arguments. The literal facts of the Bible have been proven time and time again and I’ve covered plenty of those facts in other posts. All one has to do is click on the subject “science” to the right on this screen. The only valid science is science that discovers that the Bible is literally true.

      Darwinism came about to tear down faith in God’s inerrant word and Darwinism with its macroevolutionary theories is based on flimsy evidence, while the evidence backing the Bible is 100% solid, as I have clearly shown in previous posts. Transitional fossils proving macroevolution, that one species evolved into a totally different species, have never been found. With the huge amount of fossils that have been discovered, there should have been at least one transitional fossil found by now. But there hasn’t been because they’re non-existent.

      You complain so much wrong is done due to fear and ignorance. You have just testified against yourself. If you looked at the facts surrounding the Bible, you would clearly see that your opinions are wrong if you were humble. But your pride gets in the way of you seeing your wrongs. And since you are wrong, then according to your words, you are full of fear and ignorance. You fear what the Bible says because if you were to take it as the truth it is instead of taking it as just allegory, more would be required of you and you are afraid to give up your pride and your secret sins. You enjoy being conformed to this world’s ways instead of being transformed by the renewing of your mind through Christ Jesus.


  4. The problem is that you are unable to visualise reality and only see what you want. It saddens my heart that you are so blinkered by your own mind and if you could look at the bigger picture of reality, you would see that intolerance creates problems. Then again, maybe your intention is to perpetuate the sins of Adam in an attempt to validate yourself. Whatever the reason, I just hope one day that you will learn to love thy neighbour, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I have spoken of empathetic love of all mankind and all things, in all of my previous statements, but if you wish to belittle and berate without displaying any evidence to back up this claims, I will still love you equally and I will still try to help as any good Samaritan should.
    Have a great day


    1. When you love people you tell them the truth about their sins and you tell them truth about Jesus being the only way to God so they won’t have to suffer an eternity in hell. Telling people that the Bible can’t be trusted or that there are other ways to God is deception that leads to hurting them in the end. That’s not love.

      If anyone has shown intolerance, it’s you. You don’t tolerate the truth and then you try to project what you’re guilty of onto me. That’s not love.

      You defend Darwin’s deceptions that we created ourselves through various stages of evolution. God’s infallible word says it is God that hath made us and not we ourselves [Psalm 100:3]. You’re the one in your earlier comments who questioned the validity of God’s word. There was someone who else who did the same thing many centuries ago. He slithered up to Eve to question God’s word by asking “Yea, hath God said …?” Then Eve and Adam disobeyed God and here we are in the sinful, evil world that resulted from questioning God’s word. So if anyone is perpetuating sin, it’s the person you see when you look in the mirror. I’ve given you all the evidence you need, but you are spiritually blind. Any further evidence I give you will not help you because your heart is hardened against Jehovah and his son the Lord Jesus Christ.


  5. England had a law “Let right be done”
    It does not matter which way you wish to worship and respect life, just as long as you do the right thing and honestly have regrets for errors committed and try to repair these to the best of our ability. This is mostly what I have been discussing.
    Various other examples exist such as “what goes around – comes around”, “Karma”, “The ying and the yang”
    These and others all try to teach us to do the right thing.
    This is why I love everyone equally, as it is the only way to do the right thing.
    It means having the capacity to understand where others are at and to help them improve when necessary.
    It means having the compassion to do these things in the face of adversity and continue to love.
    This is why I do this – as I love.
    The more I love, the more contentment I feel.
    I have no fear – as I love.
    Through love – I feel pity and disappointment with the way we treat each other.
    Too many people use ignorance and hate to do despicable things to others.
    We need to learn from our mistakes and misunderstandings so as to finally step forward as a world.
    We could do great things to bring about peace, and harmony for the world, but without understanding and love for others we will continue to destroy ourselves.
    We have to have the correct perspective.
    I do not care which way you wish to live or what you wish to believe as long as you do the right thing, not just for yourself but to do it for everyone and everything.

    The message is not to think that only you or I are correct, but that everyone who is doing the right thing is and will be correct.

    We need to get away from a them and us attitude, for even science agrees that we, all on Earth, are the only confirmed living organisms known in existence. Therefore we need to learn to live together or we will destroy ourselves.


    1. You can quote about karma, the ying and the yang up the wazoo, but when we stand before the judgment seat of Christ, they will still be lies just like they’ve always been.

      The doctrine you’re holding to is that just like man created himself, he can save himself through his own good works. This is a lie from the devil. “For by grace are ye saved through faith and that not of ourselves, it is the gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast,” [Ephesians 2:8-9]. The Bible says we can only be saved by the unmerited favor God gives us and we cannot be saved from our sins by our good works.

      And this is the same Bible that told us in Psalm 8:8 that there are “paths in the seas,” which Matthew Fontaine Maury discovered was true in the 1800s and his discovery of ocean currents based on the truths in the Bible revolutionized the naval world. This is the same Bible that told us in Genesis and Exodus that there were a powerful people called Hittites before the ruins of the Hittite empire were discovered in modern history. This is the same Bible that told us in Isaiah 40:22 that the universe is expanding because God stretcheth out the heavens like a curtain and this was discovered to be true by Edwin Hubble in the early 20th century. And that same verse in Isaiah told us the Earth was circular centuries before scientists found out the Earth was round.


  6. I talk about using the bible for good and I have used several key points from the bible to back up my claim, even from the ten commandments, I will not defend one over another if they are both doing the right thing, but if you have something even slightly askew, I will try to help.

    It is only your interpretation of the version you presently hold and the context to which you apply it. ( Which version of the bible do you posses? Recently I found and I am trying to read a English translation of the Codex Sinaiticu – heavy going but it is interesting)

    I use the bible and other texts to give me guidance, not look for a particular small group of words to take out of context, but I look at the meaning behind what is being discussed.

    All this, to help give me a better understanding of everyone and this helps me to love more


    1. Yeah, right. So you use the Bible for guidance on one hand and then you attack it on the other hand claiming that it’s inconsistent and has errors. If anything, this shows you’re doubleminded and a doubleminded man is unstable in all his ways, according to the inerrant infallible word of God.


  7. Sorry, I didn’t mention which translation I am reading at the moment.
    This translation is of the earliest complete New Testament in Greek and is a production of The Jackson Snyder Bible.
    It also states at the beginning-
    “Do not rely solely on English translations of the Sinaitic Manuscripts
    either here or at the Digitilisation Project site. Both are driven by the
    theologies and traditions of the translators.”


    1. If your translation isn’t tied to the Textus Receptus, it’s not the word of God regardless of how old you claim it is. Sinaiticus is in agreement with Alexandrian manuscripts and is therefore infused with false doctrines tied to our modern New Age movement which states that all roads lead to God. It’s no wonder your understanding of truth is way off base from what the true word of God says.


  8. Oh and I should thank you for excavating passages out of your text and using them as examples to show to me your level of understanding in regards to all of this – I did ask you to , so thank you and I now know that you have read of a bible, as you referenced it so quick.


  9. So I am the devil, that is even more informative as you have explained to me your failings.
    To live in ignorance of the truth is your right as a free person.
    But, think on this –

    If god is so great and just and if he loves all on Earth, why would he condemn over 99% of those who have lived because they do not follow you particular belief. Most of theses people died never knowing or even having the opportunity to hear about you version. Yet you still consider yourself righteous. You judge and condemn even though it is gods right – not ours.
    I live with hope for us all to live in peace and harmony, and love oneanother.
    This has been my message of hope for us all.
    One day you may emerge from your black and white world and realise that there are colours.
    Even Jesus saw how the Jews tried to keep god to themselves for only a Jew could go to heaven (this is not the right thing to do), but he opened it up to everyone.
    All I do is continue what Jesus did and the message is the same – do the right thing.

    Peace harmony and love. No devils here (even David was thought to be Satan 1 Samuel 29:4 – The word is derived from the original Hebrew verb “Satan” which means “to oppose.” , a better version to understand the interpretation and context is within 2 Samuel 19:22). If you wish to misinterpret and take out of context (scientists do the same by using statistics, no matter how out of context, to prove their case) that is your right, but to live in ignorance because you want to is still wrong. I don’t like looking at part of a picture as you may never understand what you are looking at, I prefer the whole picture complete in all its true glory (in case you misunderstand, it means that I only used those passages, even if you consider them out of context, to show I to, have read from many bibles. It all comes down to whether you wish to interpret it to better everyone (as Jesus led, I shall follow) or just to better yourself (as the Jews did by perverting the message to exclude everyone else to God – sound familiar or do I need to point out this is what you are doing)


    1. I didn’t say you were the devil, but you’re like him in that you question God’s word. Your message is a message of destruction, not hope. If you were bringing hope, your comments would agree with what is taught in the kjv.

      And here you are again with another attack on God’s word by claiming God wouldn’t condemn so many people. And that 99% figure is just something you grabbed out of nowhere. The God who is in the Bible created the universe gets to run the universe how he sees fit. He gives everyone free will to choose his standards that say in order to be saved you must believe in Jesus Christ or they have the free will to choose the standards that go against his will. There are consequences for those decisions. Choosing God’s ways which are higher than ours is to choose to go to heaven. Choosing a life contrary to his standards means you miss out on the spiritual benefits he offers and you make the choice to be condemned to hell for eternity. Everyone answers for their own decisions.

      These types of standards are played out everywhere in the world every day. When you go to work for an employer, you have to abide by their rules to reap their benefits and if you don’t, you won’t be included as part of their work force. If you live in a community, you must obey their just laws and if you don’t, you will be punished in some way for being disobedient and if your disobedience to the law is very grievous–like assault or murder–you will be separated away from the law-abiding citizens when you are found guilty in a trial. These laws are based on standards that God set long ago. So if man has the power to punish and condemn his fellow man to severe punishment, why would you claim the idea of God’s condemnation is unjust?

      How do you know most of the people died never knowing or having the opportunity to hear God’s word? Were you there at the death bed of millions of people in the past to take a survey that asked them their beliefs before they died? Are you a time traveler who went back in time to ask people who died before you were born about what they believed?

      I’ve run out of patience with your constant arguments, so this will be the last word on this conversation.


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