On May 4, 2011, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) released the results of its 2010 Civics Report.  According to the NAEP’s news release, the Civics assessment “measures the knowledge and skills critical to the responsibilities of citizenship in America’s constitutional democracy.”  The results from this assessment turned out to be disappointing.

The NAEP acknowledges that in order for our Constitutional Republic to preserve itself and continue its success, each generation must continually educate themselves on the role of government, show understanding of our foundational documents (Declaration of Independence, Constitution and its Bill of Rights), and how our civil society works through non-government entities.  If the results of this report are any indication, the future of our democratic Republic is not very promising.

The kids were tested at the 4th, 8th, and 12th grade levels.  The 4th graders are the only level that showed improvement since the previous tests in 2006 and 1998.  The 8th graders scored at the same levels as in 2006 and 1998, and the 12th graders declined in their scores compared to previous testing years.  The two bright spots for the test results were that 4th grade girls did considerably better this time around and Hispanic children showed great improvements to narrow the gap between them and their white counterparts. 

What’s happening in our educational system to cause the declines that we see?  I believe there are several factors.  One factor is bad teachers.  Many school districts still have tenure systems where burned-out teachers who have been around forever get to keep their jobs in spite of their dismal performance while young teachers with charisma and initiative often lose theirs when budget cuts are made.

Another factor is that teachers are pressured to cover more information in a shorter amount of time with the hope the kids will do well on testing established under Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” laws.  So critical, deductive reasoning is thrown out while learning simply by rote like a robot is embraced.

I believe the biggest factor affecting the big picture of our whole educational system is that the leaders of the teachers unions and educational organizations are owned by New World Order (NWO) organizations like the Bilderberg Group (which is owned by the Vatican) and they have been instructed to create budget crises and change curricula to point children toward their socialist, authoritarian ways.  When school boards and administrators create a crisis by wasting funds they’re given, the ripple effect is budget crises where cuts are made to crucial areas.  Teachers who make a difference are cut.  School library budgets are decreased and, in many cases, school librarians are cut and the school libraries are shuttered.

This results in students who don’t know how to read, study, or do research because of larger class sizes and test scores go down.  After test scores go down, a politician (who has direct or indirect ties to an NWO organization) comes along with his/her educational “experts” and suggests a “Trojan horse” curriculum or method that promises to improve things but is really intended to dumb the kids down even more.

Meanwhile, the administrators and school boards are criticized in public for their wasteful spending so the NWO politicians see fit to cut their funding even more as they give duplicitous, hypocritical speeches about how important education is.  And they block efforts like school vouchers that will allow parents of any socioeconomic status to put their kids in a better school, whether its public or private.

Then the kids graduate from high school with a hamstrung, half-cocked education lacking deductive reasoning and critical thinking.  They then go off to college where universities face the same type of budgetary cuts.  Some of them may find that the classes they need for the profession they desire may no longer exist.  But even more disconcerting is the fact they are often exposed to ultra liberal professors who hate God, hate the Bible, hate Christianity, and pontificate socialist views in line with the NWO and the students are not educated enough to argue against them.  So the students assume the professor must be right since he/she  has a bunch of accolades and expertise and they convert to their professor’s socialist NWO doctrines.

This is the present state of the dumbing down of America and until parents stop being distracted by other things and start taking back their responsibility for their kids’ education, our nation will be overrun by people who have no regard for our founding documents or the Judeo-Christian values they are based on.  The worth of human life, human rights, democratic principles, ethical capitalism, and ultimately, the middle class itself, will all be null and void and our enemies will have won.

Could all of this be why many preachers are hard-pressed to clearly see America mentioned in Bible prophecy?  Time will tell.

–posted by Harry A. Gaylord–