Hypocrisy for me, but not for thee: the climate change edition

Recently, over 100 celebrities signed an open letter expressing their support for the climate change/global warming activists in the UK who call themselves the Extinction Rebellion (ER). The ER has gotten a lot of coverage in the media for disrupting the daily lives of the British, committing crimes, and causing the police headaches–all for the sake of demanding carbon taxes and other initiatives to meet their socialist-based demands.

What’s interesting about the letter the celebrities signed is that they admit they are blatant hypocrites when it comes to their support for the ER climate activists. With their celebrity millions, their “carbon footprint” is much larger than the average person as they jetset around the globe to promote themselves using private jets and luxury, non-electric vehicles. As they admitted their hypocrisy, the celebrities exempted themselves from having to submit to climate change demands because they are merely victims who are snagged inside “the system,” yet they emphasized that everyone else should abide by climate change initiatives. Many of them have been known to unjustly criticize Christians for being hypocrites when Christians they have targeted actually obey what the Bible says (which means those Christians aren’t hypocrites at all), but somehow it’s just fine if the celebrities are hypocrites themselves. Inadvertently, they have proven the Bible to be true in it’s warnings about what hypocrites do, as stated in Proverbs 11:9–

An hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbour: but through knowledge shall the just be delivered.



(Featured image: Extinction Rebellion from Wikimedia Commons.)

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