Refuting 13 Alleged Contradictions About Christ’s Crucifixion & Resurrection

A few years ago, Mike Winger of released the YouTube video below to discuss several alleged Bible contradictions listed by Bible critics at A whole host of alleged contradictions are listed at that website, so Winger chose to cover 13 from the list that attacked Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection.

In the video, Winger discusses and gives a reasonable explanation for the following 13 questions having supposed conflicting answers in the Bible that are alleged contradictions:

  1. Did Jesus answer his accusers?
  2. What color was Jesus’ robe?
  3. Who carried the cross?
  4. How long was Jesus in the tomb?
  5. What was written above the cross?
  6. Where were the women during the crucifixion?
  7. Did both of those crucified alongside Jesus revile him or just one?
  8. Who visited the tomb first?
  9. When did they visit the tomb?
  10. Where was the stone when they arrived?
  11. What did the tomb visitors do next?
  12. Could Jesus be touched or not?
  13. Did they believe the report of Christ’s resurrection or not?

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