A disarmed citizenry is an enslaved one

Some liberal clergy members protested outside of Senator Mitch McConnell’s office on August 6 demanding him to enact federal gun control legislation in light of this past weekend’s mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton. An Episcopal female bishop in the group of about 20 or so protesters of various faiths explained her stance. “I am among those who believe weapons of war don’t belong in the hands of civilians. We’ve just been lulled into this sense of false helplessness that I find to be one of the greatest manifestations of sin that we need to fight against.”

In other words, she’s against the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment was established because the Founding Fathers saw with their own eyes the need to have weapons of war in the hands of civilians as a means of self-defense. When the Declaration of Independence was written, it denoted how colonists were at the mercy of armed British soldiers and mercenaries hired by the British who literally got away with murdering innocent people or threatening them harm if colonists refused to bow to their demands. The British also allowed violent tribes of Native Americans to raid towns and villages where they had little or no means to defend themselves. So the Second Amendment in the Constitution became a priority.

Fast forward over 200 years later, and America still has the same type of criminals who wish to do harm to innocent Americans, as these mass shootings demonstrate. Yet you have protesters like this group of clergy who seem oblivious to the dangers of their initiatives when they state, as one of their leaders did, “As a Christian … we are required to rescue those who are perishing, to come to their aid, and the Bible says if you fail to do it God will hold you to account.”

When gun control laws are passed, who will be prone to obey those laws? Law-abiding citizens. These social justice activists with their liberation theology conveniently dismiss the fact that criminals disobey laws, including gun control laws. That’s why they’re called lawbreakers. So these activists who hide their socialism behind their religion ignore the fact that taking away a person’s means to preserve their own lives intentionally places them in harm’s way. Law enforcement cannot possibly be everywhere or on time all the time, so people must be able to choose if they wish to have a gun for personal protection.

Gun control, since at least the 20th century, has been a means by which socialists implement complete tyranny over their citizens. The latest socialist nation to implement such controls is Venezuela. And anyone staying current with the news knows that gun control in Venezuela was a complete disaster for citizens just like it was for all citizens under the socialist regimes that preceded theirs. The same holds true for cities like London and Chicago where crime rates remain high. Yet somehow the socialist activists wanting to disarm good Americans continue lying about how gun control will improve things.

Mass shooters kill for several reasons, but the main ones are that their hearts are desperately wicked and they choose to act on their evil, murderous thoughts because they’re God-haters and misanthropes. Contributing to their evil are influencers who churn up violent rhetoric (like Antifa and other leftists), hoping to see false flag events unfold so they can scream for gun control. Other factors are psychotropic prescription drugs that alter behavior, violent video games, and pornography. There are some who cringe when video games and porn are mentioned because they want to deny their influence, but our society undeniably accepts the principle that images can affect behavior. It’s why millions are spent on commercials and other ads everywhere we turn.

The bottom line is that gun control is a direct route to abusive people control by governments. And that’s what leftists hope to eventually get in America.

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  1. A simple solution, (take away guns) for simple (the left totalitarians hope U. S. citizens will be) people but so far Americans, and Canadians too, have proved to be wise enough to know things are not so simple and their freedoms are, at the end, significantly backed up by the guns in their hands. Good post Harry.

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