Asia Bibi is granted asylum in Canada

Today turned out to be a day of celebration for the Bibi family from Pakistan. Ten years after being falsely accused of blaspheming the prophet Mohammed in Pakistan, Asia Bibi arrived in Canada earlier today to be reunited with her family to start a new life. In 2009, Muslim women who were gathered at a village well to drink were appalled that Asia Bibi, a Catholic woman, was drinking from the same well as them. So they mobbed her and accused her of blasphemy.

She was almost immediately jailed. For years, lengthy court battles ensued where judges refused to acquit Bibi and free her even when no evidence existed to find her guilty. The judges feared the violent wrath of Islamists who wanted Bibi summarily tried and executed simply for identifying as a Christian to fulfill sharia. Finally, several months ago the Supreme Court of Pakistan found Mrs. Bibi not guilty and ordered her to be freed. It was an answer to the prayers of many Christians around the world and the result of the actions of Christian aid organizations who desired to see justice done against the odds of a radical Islamist society.

Her challenges didn’t end there, unfortunately. She had to be taken to a hidden location once she was freed and Christian aid organizations approached several nations asking them to consider granting her asylum since mobs had gathered around Pakistan demanding Bibi’s death. Canada was the nation that came through for her. Mrs. Bibi and her family, by the grace of God, will now have the opportunity to enjoy their lives in Canada after they were put through death threats and sleepless nights simply because of her religious beliefs and petty jealousies of unbelievers. I pray her new chapter will be a prosperous and safe one.

Source: Tarek Fatah, Asia Bibi is finally free, but blasphemy laws still must go, Toronto Sun, January 29, 2019.

(Featured image: Creative commons photo of Asia Bibi imposed on Skyline of Toronto viewed from Harbour, by John Vetterli of as reposted at under Creative Commons license 2.0)

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