Some things never change, as proven by the origins of the Illuminati

Last week, a reporter (Matthew Vickery) from the BBC reported that he rediscovered the birthplace of the Illuminati at the University of Ingolstadt in Ingolstadt, Bavaria. In his report, he noted that a left-leaning professor of law named Adam Weishaupt at the Jesuit-run University of Ingolstadt started the Masonic Illuminati in 1776 to drive religion, specifically Christianity, out of the public square and ultimately out of people’s lives. That year is commemorated on the Masonic pyramid on the back of the US dollar bill in honor of the group. Surprised that a Jesuit-trained Freemason leftist started it all? I say its par for the course.

It essentially highlights just how long liberals have been out to stick it to true Christianity. Weishaupt, not only encouraged by Freemasonry but by the French “Enlightenment”, recruited some of his students to join the organization–encouraging them to keep their actions secret and not draw attention to their secret society. The French Enlightenment was mainly run by atheist liberals whose goal was to get rid of religion, which is one reason they started the French Revolution. The Illuminati quickly grew as members were encouraged to spy on politicians, government employees, and church leaders to gain an advantage.

They also recruited the help of German diplomat Baron Adolf Franz Friedrich to help them gather other Freemason lodges to their cause, quickly growing to 2,000 members throughout Europe. Vickery goes on to quote sources in his article who make fun of the idea the Illuminati still exists or that they are carrying out a global conspiracy. Try as they might to joke about that idea, there is too much evidence that their mocking the idea of the Illuminati in our times is itself a joke. Their denials are what should not be taken seriously, in my opinion.

For more on what Vickery discovered read his BBC article, “The birthplace of the Illuminati”, November 28, 2017.

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