A whitewashing revamp: Freemasons up the ante for a better reputation

In recent years, Freemasons have gotten a bad rap for being so secretive, suspected of hatching heinous plots behind closed doors. That bad rap, in my opinion, is well-deserved since history has shown they do some shady, underhanded things as they attempt to present themselves as innocent because of the charity work they do. In... Continue Reading →

Some things never change, as proven by the origins of the Illuminati

Last week, a reporter (Matthew Vickery) from the BBC reported that he rediscovered the birthplace of the Illuminati at the University of Ingolstadt in Ingolstadt, Bavaria. In his report, he noted that a left-leaning professor of law named Adam Weishaupt at the Jesuit-run University of Ingolstadt started the Masonic Illuminati in 1776 to drive religion,... Continue Reading →

Former banker for elite globalists exposes their Satanic rituals

An interview of Dutch entrepreneur Ronald Bernard recently by De Vrije Media has gone viral in the last few days. The reason being is that Bernard handled the finances of Illuminati members, especially in Europe. It is a 39 minute video worth watching to expose how the Enemy, i.e. Satan, is using bankers and other... Continue Reading →

Satan declares war but he’ll be under our feet shortly

If you look through history, you will discover that whenever Christians were persecuted, the kings, rulers, leaders, and other prominent figures who sanctioned persecution often died untimely, troublesome deaths. We as Christians are warned in the New Testament that we will suffer for being followers of the Lord Jesus (Luke 6:22, John 15:18, 2 Timothy... Continue Reading →

Illumined by darkness: why entertainers claim Christianity

Rapper Kanye West recently appeared on the talk show of Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner and talked at one point on the show about the WWJD bracelet he was wearing, stating "Rob [Kardashian] gave me this, and it's just 'What Would Jesus Do?' and I love it. It's just such a cool bracelet and I'm a Christian... Continue Reading →

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