Conservative United Methodist Congregations Are Ready to Join New Global Methodist Church

Turned off in recent years by how the United Methodist (UMC) denomination operates, several United Methodist congregations are ready to leave the denomination to join the brand new denomination christened the Global Methodist Church (GMC). Set to begin May 1, the GMC is slated to be conservative in its organization. Conservative Methodist congregations are disenchanted by what they view as “bloated institutional structures” of the UMC. The GMC promises to be a complete paradigm shift.

Apparently, the split is not just about liberals in the UMC who are pushing the “homosexual rights” agenda and everything that goes with it (e.g. gay bishops, gay marriage, etc.), but unethical, corrupt practices have come to light in other areas as well. Therefore, in an effort to ensure the GMC stays true to the Christian faith, the organizers have set the following goals:

  • Definitive term limits for bishops.
  • Organizing the denomination so that it only has a supporting role to empower and equip local churches for ministry.
  • Regional and global outreach at the local church level.
  • Reduce the funds siphoned from local churches for denominational expenses.
  • No denominational seminaries or summer camps to fund.
  • Accountability measures to ensure people are staying true to the teachings and practices of the GMC, e.g. having bishops report to clergy and laypeople and not just other bishops.
  • Establish financial contributions based on the local church budget.
  • Forbidding trust clauses.

It should be interesting to see how this all shakes out once the GMC gets established. Decades ago, I used to have a denominational mindset, but having seen all the flaws that come with it, my concern now as a follower of Christ is whether or not a church is fully vested in upholding God’s word. From what I’ve seen in all denominations I’ve encountered, denominational churches tend to get caught up in perpetuating the doctrines of men instead of committing to what the Bible teaches. I imagine this one won’t be any different and I say that because the GMC “plans to uphold traditional, conservative Wesleyan theology.” According to Wesleyan theology, there’s no such thing as “once saved, always saved.” So I, personally, would never be able to get on board with them over that doctrine. Nevertheless, I wish them well on their new endeavor.

Source: Megan Fowler, Global Methodist Church Launches, Though African Leaders Wait to Join,, April 27, 2022.

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