It Pays to be Informed For The Sake of Your Health

Here are two interesting recent accounts of people having to deal with misinformed bureaucrats or misinformed medical personnel and how they were informed enough to stand up for themselves and others when it came to health matters regarding COVID hysteria. Take from these incidents what you will. If the videos don’t work in your application see the links for the videos below.

Radio Hostess Gives Account of Her Husband’s Recent Hospital Visit
Doctor Schools School Board in Indiana on How To Properly Handle COVID

Links to above videos:

7 thoughts on “It Pays to be Informed For The Sake of Your Health

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  1. Listened to Kate Dalley’s podcast – very informative. It is so difficult however, to actually confront medical professionals unless you’re sure of all you say. Their position alone can be intimidating.
    Thank you for these posts. I couldn’t get the school board clip to play, will try again later.
    Thanks again brother.


  2. Important to do your homework— and with a floodtide of censorship by mainstream media and Big Tech if can take a lot more work. I recommend taking all the time needed, and also time to read and benefit from the excellent pandemic research by US psychiatrist and author Dr. Peter Breggin and his wife Ginger Breggin:


  3. This is a fantastic clip. More people should hear and know about this. Could you tell me what website I can tell people to go to to listen to this clip. With many thanks and blessings.

    Joanne H.


    1. Joanne,
      You can find the doctor speaking to the school board at bitchute under the title “(DELETED FROM COMMIETUBE) – MUST WATCH: DOCTOR EDUCATES SCHOOL BOARD ON COVID VACCINES & MASKS”


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