The MSM is lying to you about the “migrant caravan”

The video below released a couple of days ago by Ami Horowitz reveals the truth about what’s really going on with what the mainstream media has labeled the “migrant caravan.” The overwhelming majority of them are males and this mob is being sponsored by open border globalist organizations like the UN and, yes, some of them can be linked back to George Soros, the billionaire atheist socialist. What’s really disconcerting is that our Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis (who President Trump recently admitted was “sort of a Democrat”), sent our soldiers to the border unarmed like the last time a “caravan” reached our border. Not genuinely securing the border only invites more illegal immigration, which is why such a large amount of them are heading this way.

I am all for obeying the law, which is why I am against illegal immigration. I’m also against it because it has been proven to lower the wages of many Americans. Additionally, statistics show that since many illegal immigrants are bold enough to violate our border laws, it emboldens them to break other laws as well. Finally, I’m against illegal immigration because the socialist Democrat Party wants illegal immigrants here not only to pay them off-the-books or below market wages, but also to let them break the law by voting in our elections because illegal immigrants tend to be in favor of the socialist policies that the Democrats back. This video is eye-opening.


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