Ignorance of Biblical doctrine grows among evangelicals

Ligonier Ministries in partnership with LifeWay Research has released a new study done by surveying 3,000 American evangelicals with some shocking results. The following is a sample, by the numbers, of false doctrines many among us cling to:

  • 59% think the Holy Spirit is a force or power, not a person. But some of them must have contradictory beliefs since 97% of those surveyed believe the Holy Spirit is one of three persons in the Trinity.
  • 69% believe that the most insignificant sin does not deserve God’s punishment.
  • 51% say that God accepts worship from those who don’t believe in Jesus.
  • 52% believe everyone sins a little but most humans are basically good by nature.
  • 78% think that Jesus is the first being created by God. Oddly enough 97% agree that Jesus is one of three persons in the Trinity. Therefore, some evangelicals have contradictory beliefs when it comes to Christ’s nature.
  • 60% have the opinion that Christian religious beliefs are just personal opinions and not objective truth.

Although the results are disappointing, the researchers believe the numbers should be looked at from the positive perspective of the importance of increasing our efforts to fulfill the Great Commission. There’s still a lot of work to be done to spread the gospel message.


Emily Jones, Are You Believing a Heresy? You Might According to a New Study, CBN News, October 17, 2018.

LifeWay Research, Ligonier Ministries, The State of Theology, October 16, 2018.

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