Doctors’ diagnosis for unborn baby was awry, but suggested abortion was denied

The mother of a healthy three-year-old boy has shared a tale of horror that she suffered from a team of doctors who saw her in the hospital in the UK when she was pregnant with her son a few years ago. After examining her and the baby, they told her the unborn baby had a birth defect–Spina Bifida–and that he would be severely disabled for all of his life if he were born. They strongly suggested she get an abortion and tried to pressure her to do it right then and there.

Thankfully, Gemma Rodgers said her motherly intuition kicked in and she refused the doctors’ abortion suggestion. After he was born by Caesarian section weighing 5 lbs 3 ozs, doctors claimed he had the severest case of Spina Bifida and would need a shunt for his brain.  Nevertheless, for all their negativity, none of their diagnoses came true for Gemma’s boy. He began walking at 15 months, is potty trained, and has developed as any normal, healthy baby would without any health complications.

She is now demanding an apology from the hospital and is disgusted at the idea they suggested she abort a perfectly healthy baby. Gemma has stated, “I know doctors have a job to do, but they should be absolutely certain before telling someone to terminate a pregnancy.”

Source: Donna Rachel Edmunds, Doctors Misdiagnosed Unborn Child as Severely Disabled, Advised Abortion,, September 16, 2015.

P.S.: The one thing missing from this conversation is the fact that even if the baby were to be “severely disabled,” it still would not have been right to abort him.


One thought on “Doctors’ diagnosis for unborn baby was awry, but suggested abortion was denied

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  1. The Right Wing / Religious Right’s hypocrisy when it comes to abortion should be screaming at the American people.

    All we hear from them is “put the abortion doctors in jail”…but concurrently, we never hear so much as the slightest criticism of the women who seek and often obtain the abortions (of their own volition). The only commentary directed at the women involves just how helpless these women are and how they need to be assisted by the community.

    This is hilarious and at the same time very understandable from a utilitarian perspective. When a person contracts out another to commit a murder, both the one who arranges it and the murderer themselves are equally culpable for the crime of murder. Since The Right Wing considers abortion a “heinous act”, why is there not a peep of criticism directed at those who *arrange* what they deem “the killing of the unborn child?” (i.e. the mother herself). Their silence is deafening.

    The reason is obvious…a huge portion of the Religious Right’s donations come from females themselves…and one does not bite the hand that feeds you. Moreover, since most R.R. spokespeople are male, the thought of criticizing a member or members of the Sisterhood publicly is tantamount to career suicide; and virtually none have the courage to frame their issue in an honest, forthright and consistent manner. The R.R are a bunch of hypocrites who all feed at the same trough…

    Note that I am in no way endorsing the R.R.’s anti-abortion stance; I am merely logically and effectively deconstructing the absurd inconsistencies that run rampant in their perspective; inconsistencies that are a product of nothing more that their own cowardice.


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