Christian rapper Andy Mineo: “We should love & accept LGBTQ Christians”

"Christian" rapper Andy Mineo and his mentor "Christian" rapper LeCrae recently had an encounter with a man in the process of outwardly pretending to be a woman--what the world calls a transgender. They saved the guy from suicide in New York City. So Mineo has now used that experience of justifiably and heroically saving someone's... Continue Reading →

Secular rapper Young Jeezy continues blasphemy with latest single, “God”

To follow up on his blasphemous hip hop hit from last year, "Holy Ghost", (which prompted a lawsuit from T. D. Jakes) secular rapper Young Jeezy has released a new single entitled "God" to blaspheme our Creator even more. I guess this guy doesn't want to be outdone by Kanye West in the blasphemy category.... Continue Reading →

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