#RiggedSystem is apparent as social media & MSM avoid or misdirect FBI’s Clinton email reboot

People this weekend have been preoccupied with FBI director Comey's taking another look at Hillary Clinton's email scandal and all the interesting developments that have arisen over it. And along with that heightened interest comes the observation that globalists controlling social media and mainstream media are not showing the topic trending on their websites--whether it... Continue Reading →

Trump’s not perfect, but he apologized. Time to move forward.

What kind of nation will America be in the future? That is the real nature of the 2016 US presidential election. As in any election, mudslinging and one-upping is part of the game. So voters must think about what is really important, as opposed to what the mainstream media (MSM) wishes to brainwash us into thinking is... Continue Reading →

Raising Kaine?: why “they” really, really hate Trump

From unfounded criticisms for speaking the truth about how ISIS became more than a JV team to equating racism with securing the border, NWO globalists, their media puppets, and their politicians in both American political parties really, really wish to brainwash Americans into hating Trump. After all, Trump is not only a person, but a symbol... Continue Reading →

Will Trump make a mistake with his pick for vice president?

Political columnist and news commentator Ann Coulter, who has been right on the money thus far with her support for Trump and her reasons for that support, has expressed concerns in her latest column over Trump's campaign consultants and the advice they're giving the controversial presidential candidate. According to her, they are pressuring Donald Trump... Continue Reading →

Quick quotes from Donald Trump on the campaign trail

Here are some snippets from Donald Trump in Syracuse on the morning of Saturday, April 16 (see the one-hour video below for complete context): "We're going to bring our country back together... African-American, White, every person. Old, young, men, women. We're going to bring people together... I'm someone who gets along with people--all people...We're going... Continue Reading →

Anti-Trump girl lied, now she may be tried–for assault

Sexual assault is a serious crime. So whenever a female makes a false report to police about sexual assault, it puts real female victims at a disadvantage. The media, in an effort to smear Trump (which seems to be their favorite pastime lately), quickly hyped up a story about a teen girl being groped at... Continue Reading →

Liberty University lets socialist Bernie Sanders speak to its student body

At its weekly convocation on Monday, Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr. introduced the student body to Democratic Socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who claims to be Jewish. Falwell, in his introduction, stated that he hoped to find "common ground" with the candidate on some important issues. Right out of the starting gate Sanders proudly... Continue Reading →

Choosing US President may be a choice between 2 Freemasons

A White House photo circulating around the Internet for a while reveals what I've suspected but just recently found out. President Obama, like many US Presidents before him, is a Freemason. The photo shows him with various good luck talismans he often carries around with him. Among them is a Hindu god and a Freemason... Continue Reading →

My take on the Republican presidential candidates so far

Like millions of Americans, I was intrigued by the Republican presidential debate on CNN last night. However, my opinion is that all of the candidates lack the WOW factor. The two frontrunners--Romney and Perry--are becoming more and more disappointing to me. But I have to be honest, I haven't been impressed with Romney from the... Continue Reading →

Liberal media’s attacks on Michelle Bachmann

Hmmm.... So let me get this straight. (Yes, pun intended). ABC News (or shall I say ABC Skews?) paraded health professionals on their broadcast who claim that ministries like the one Michelle Bachmann's husband are involved in are harmful to homosexuals for urging homosexuals to leave the lifestyle. I guess instead of urging homosexuals to... Continue Reading →

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