Pastor in the Bible Belt Works Toward Chrislam

In a news video from station WHNT News 19 in Alabama, Pastor Jason Parks, senior pastor of Refuge Church in Huntsville, is featured to discuss his work with Muslims around the world. According to Parks, "There’s just not a relationship between Muslims and Evangelicals, and we want to try to bridge that gap and try... Continue Reading →

London pastor despises notion only Christians allowed in heaven

Steve Chalke, a man who calls himself a Christian pastor at a church called Oasis in London, has released a series of videos espousing one world religion and universalism. He makes arguments that set up Christian teachings as straw men so he can tear them down. In his haste to tear down true Christian doctrines,... Continue Reading →

“We are brothers…children of the same God,” says Pope @ Maundy Thursday ritual

Pope Francis I held a foot-washing ceremony to commemorate the Catholic-created "Holy Thursday" in Italy on March 24. He gathered 12 refugees from the Catholic, Hindu, Orthodox, and Muslim faiths to wash and kiss their feet to mock what Jesus did at the Last Supper with his disciples in the Bible. Minutes before this, the Pope... Continue Reading →

Recent terrorist attacks all part of globalist agenda for one world government

The downed Russian airliner in Egypt. Now the Paris attacks. North American and European leaders still calling for Muslim refugees to be expedited across their borders. UN nations meeting to discuss carbon taxes for every nation to cause taxing of the middle classes and the poor to go up. The Trans Pacific Partnership. Why are... Continue Reading →

Ecumenism efforts for one world church amped up by ‘evangelicals’ and the Pope

Signs of the times continue to unfold as we get closer to the Lord's rapture of his church and the world's welcoming of the Antichrist. Some prominent evangelicals have expressed their endorsements for Pope Francis's efforts to push all churches toward one world religion in the grip of the Roman Catholic Church. Prior to the... Continue Reading →

Mystics rising: a Knight Templar speaks openly

It's somewhat of an understatement to say we are living in interesting times. While the mainstream media loves to distract us with their various forms of mind candy, including soft news, propagandist news reports that often leave out the truth behind their stories, and the vast entertainment industry, those who look past these distractions will... Continue Reading →

Christian radio host reveals the universal, NWO big picture

Paul McGuire, Christian radio host and author, published an article today revealing why we are witnessing all the changes going on around the world. Satan and his subordinates have upped the ante on his plans to be worshiped openly and are moving at seemingly breakneck speed to accomplish his wishes because he knows his time... Continue Reading →

Bilderberg 2012 will meet in Chantilly, Virginia

The New World Order conglomerate known as the Bilderberg Group is set to meet in Chantilly, Virginia May 31-June 3, 2012. The main agenda will undoubtedly be to finalize the tweaking of the U.S. Presidential race by choosing Mitt Romney's running mate. It is believed security will be tighter this year since protesters openly confronted... Continue Reading →

Abrahamic faiths unite for interfaith complex in Omaha

A group of Christians, Jews, and Muslims have united to build a close to $50 million interfaith complex on 35 acres of land in Omaha, Nebraska. The Tri-Faith Project (TFP) will include a temple, a mosque, a church, and a community center where all three groups can host common gatherings. It is scheduled to open... Continue Reading →

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