Answers News for Nov. 3, 2021

Ken Ham and two of his employees at Answers in Genesis discuss recent concerns in the news. Among the news items are two stories on how two junk food companies are promoting junk spirituality with occult images and pro- "LGBT" (i.e. homosexual) nonsense. They also cover several other stories, including one dealing with DNA and... Continue Reading →

Answers News for July 13, 2020

Three staffers from the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky discuss some recent scientific and culture news such as the continuing search for extraterrestrial life, dog DNA, and a Christian therapist who became the target of Democrats in Cincinnati.

Pro-Lifers in UK Rejoice That Assisted Suicide Will Remain Blocked

The Christian Institute in the UK reviews news in the headlines this week that impact Christians. One bit of good news is that it has been announced that there are no plans to change any laws blocking physician-assisted suicide even though activists have been pressuring government leaders to legalize euthanasia. Also covered in this 5-minute... Continue Reading →

Indiana church burns, but all its Bibles undamaged

Early Sunday morning June 3, Lighthouse Tabernacle in Crothersville, Indiana, went up in flames. The fire is still under investigation as to what caused it. Forty-five firefighters from six towns were called to battle the blaze for several hours with the flames as high as 10 to 12 feet, according to firefighters. After they finally... Continue Reading →

700 Club Interactive news for March 12, 2018

Terry Meeuwsen and Gordon Robertson discuss news on a young couple who adopted 10 kids so they wouldn't be separated, Washington state monetizing surrogate motherhood, a new teen trend of vaping e-cigs in school without being noticed by adults, a young man who gets a miracle when people prayed for him after he collapsed and... Continue Reading →

Obama admin’s Susan Rice shares wrong info again–this time re:Turkey

The Obama administration never seems to get enough of sticking their feet in their mouths or not verifying info before they share it or just flat out lying. National Security Advisor Susan Rice, the one who lied to us about Benghazi, showed up on NBC's "Meet the Press" and gave us a message of hope... Continue Reading →

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