22-Year-Old Welsh Man Miraculously Lives To Tell of Falling 164 Ft. Off Mountain in His Car

This past Sunday after getting off work, Iestyn Brown-Morris decided to drive through the mountains 20 minutes from his home in Abergavenny, Wales to watch the sunset. Driving through the mountains is one of his favorite, regular pastimes. While making his way on the very windy mountain road after the sun went down, an unexpected... Continue Reading →

Hiker In Wales Falls 230 ft, Miraculously Ends Up With Only Minor Injuries

Restless from lockdowns and anxious to be outdoors for a challenging hike, 27-year-old Jake Robinson got together with seven friends to hike up the mountains of Snowdonia, Wales, on Friday, August 20. There was dense fog that day, but Jake and his friends were excited about the challenge of exploring a different part of the... Continue Reading →

Filmmaker Investigates Veracity of Healing Miracles in Upcoming Documentary

Filmmaker Elijah Stephens will be releasing a 95-minute documentary on September 14 called "Send Proof" that he has been producing for six years to investigate modern-day healings. Working alongside the Global Medical Research Institute, the documentary features a range of experts, including Christian apologists like William Lane Craig and J. P. Moreland, charismatic faith healers... Continue Reading →

God Works Miracles to Save British Parachutist and Teen Boy Swept in a Flood

A British soldier taking part in a parachuting exercise with the California National Guard last week is fortunate to be alive. As he was descending and deployed his parachute, it failed to fully open, leaving him spiraling quickly downward. He opened his back-up chute, but not in enough time to significantly slow his fall as... Continue Reading →

South African Driver Miraculously Survives 164-Foot Plunge Off a Cliff

A 21-year-old man in Rustenburg, South Africa, is probably thankful for his life after he took a header off a lookout cliff and survived with just minor injuries. On Thursday morning, April 15, the young man was at Safari Gardens in a semi-remote area when his bakkie (a small pick-up truck) went over the edge... Continue Reading →

Hiker in Washington State Who Dies Is Brought Back to Life

Forty-five-year-old Michael Knapinski was hiking earlier this month on Mount Rainier in Washington state when he got lost. He ended up stranded overnight in freezing temperatures before being found the next day. A helicopter rushed him to the hospital where he died in the ER.His heart stopped beating for 45 minutes. Not only did his... Continue Reading →

Three Minors Survive Crash Caused By High-Speed Chase Initiated By Illegal Alien Human Trafficker

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office in Florida got a 911 call about a burglary in the Dogwood Heights Community on August 5. A patrol car scouring the neighborhood to investigate eventually spotted a man matching the description on a nearby street as he was exiting a house and getting into his vehicle. The suspect saw... Continue Reading →

BMW Driver and Three Passengers Miraculously Survive Being Crushed By Two Trucks

On August 5 in the afternoon on the M1 highway in England, two freight trucks got into a crash with a BMW containing a driver and three passengers in the northbound lanes. The BMW car ended up being crushed at both the front and rear in the accident. According to the authorities who got the... Continue Reading →

New Jersey: Brazilian Woman Miraculously Survives Being Swept Into a Storm Drain

24-year-old Brazilian Nathalia Bruno was headed out in her Toyota Prius this past Monday in Passaic, New Jersey, to make a DoorDash food delivery when she found herself unexpectedly in the middle of a flash flood. The surging flash flood, moving at a speed of 40 mph ended up sweeping her and her vehicle into... Continue Reading →

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