How Big Tech Social Media Promotes Evil and Restricts Good

The world was in shock about a month ago when 39 dead migrants were found in a semi tractor trailer, a lorry, in the UK. According to the Telegraph, the investigation into what contributed to the incident has uncovered how social media big tech companies have turned a blind eye to human trafficking criminal enterprises... Continue Reading →

Today, Alex Jones is banned. Tomorrow it could be you.

Social media is abuzz about Facebook banning Alex Jones and any positive mention of him or InfoWars news on their platform. It's all part of the leftist fascist agenda. Christianity is already being censored or de-platformed on Facebook in some cases. If you post scripture from the Bible that offends homosexuals like Leviticus 18:22 or... Continue Reading →

Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony takes the Internet by storm & with memes

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO, isn't exactly known for being warm. As a matter of fact, many have criticized the way he comes across as machine-like. So when he testified before Congress today, many took to social media to post memes to make light of how stiff he is and sometimes unforthcoming with his answers. This... Continue Reading →

Facebook exposes its own moderators’ IDs to terrorists

An alleged bug (intentional or mistake?) in Facebook's program exposed the identities of its moderators who were overseeing the group pages containing terrorist propaganda, sexual content, and "hate speech." The bug placed the identities of the moderators as notifications on those pages, allowing anyone with admin privileges for the pages to see who at Facebook... Continue Reading →

Another Facebook storm brews as leaked document shows they target teens

Targeting teens for ads based on their emotional vulnerabilities. That's what, according to, was discovered about Facebook recently in an exposé in The Australian where the publication acquired a leaked in-house Facebook document. In the 23-page document Facebook offered an advertiser the opportunity of a lifetime with the possibility of access to over 6... Continue Reading →

Facebook, censorship, and trolls

CNN just aired what I would call a "fluff" piece this morning on American Morning about how Internet sites, especially news sites, are combating web trolls. Trolls are those who leave "inflammatory" comments and try to bait other commenters into giving heated or emotional responses. The piece seems to have been done in response to... Continue Reading →

Censorship of Christians even on “Christian” sites

The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) released a report today which shows proof that social websites are censoring Christian conservative speech. The study found that any speech critical of the gay rights agenda is being stripped from Facebook, MySpace, Google, and Apple, according to Craig Parshall of the NRB. I know this to be true from... Continue Reading →

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