Johns Hopkins University studies “beings” encountered by people high on DMT

Behavioral scientists at Johns Hopkins University have begun a study for people who get high on Dimethyltryptamine, aka DMT, a powerful hallucinogenic. They are gathering information through an online survey compiled by researchers. The purpose of the research, say the scientists, is to discover information that could be beneficial to DMT druggies. Of particular interest to... Continue Reading →

Re-purposing cursed pagan things won’t remove their curse

In both the Old and New Testaments, the Lord warns his people several times against embracing pagan practices regardless of re-purposing them or re-labeling them to incorporate them into worshiping him. However, now that we are in a period of great apostasy, or falling away, in Christendom, things have become so bad that if one... Continue Reading →

Devils use human ignorance & ignorant humans to mock exorcism

As we continue to proceed closer to the rapture and the great tribulation, there are signs all around us that Satan and his army of evil spirits are working overtime to change how he is viewed--to make himself seem acceptable. From popular entertainment media like TV shows, music, and movies to promoting various forms of... Continue Reading →

Pagan occultic rituals can’t match God’s power

We are once again in the season where heightened interest in the occult is taking place in North America and other parts of the Western Hemisphere. Some people are looking to be frightened for fun whether in seances, haunted houses, or horror movies, while others are seeking more power to manipulate situations and other people... Continue Reading →

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