Elderly California Couple Survives Plunging 70 Feet Off Cliff in Car

According to California's Amadour County Sheriff's office, 10:00 pm Wednesday night a 90-year-old woman was being driven around the Lake Camanche Reservoir by her 83-year-old husband when he accidentally drove off a cliff. The car plunged 70 feet after veering off the road over a rocky embankment. The sheriff's office said the water level in... Continue Reading →

California Psychotherapists Continue Fight Against 2014 Law Requiring Them To Report Child Porn Viewers

In 2017, a California state appeals court threw out a lawsuit filed by psychotherapists who fought against new reporting requirements they were expected to abide by regarding patients they may have who view child porn. In that court's decision, they rightfully stated viewing child porn "is reprehensible, shameful and abhorred by any decent and normal... Continue Reading →

Man-made California drought worsened by pot farms, or, how liberal policies bite you in the rear

Back in the 1970s, some California leaders forecast the state's population and agricultural growth over the next few decades and knew that they would have to take certain measures to build up the state's water reservoirs and a system of conduits to move water around efficiently to meet the growing population's growing demands for water.... Continue Reading →

Yoga not religious, ok for schools, judge rules

Judge John S. Meyer of the San Diego Superior Court in California released a decision today in a lawsuit filed by parents concerned that their kids' school district was teaching kids yoga. Meyer pointed out in his ruling that (paraphrasing here) yoga is an American tradition stripped of its religious content and is therefore not... Continue Reading →

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