Turkey’s funding of Hamas foreshadows Bible prophecy

Turkey has now surpassed Iran as the main financial backer of the terrorist group Hamas. Hamas, which was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood, is sworn to the destruction of Israel and foments that hatred among Palestinians every chance they get. The fact that Turkey and Iran back such terrorism is just modern proof that God... Continue Reading →

Barack Obama’s affinity to the Muslim world

During Barack Obama's presidency, it has been interesting to watch his love/hate relationship toward Israel and how he has been apologetic and has shown deference to the Islamic world in many instances. Even in the recent uproar and murders of Americans in North Africa, his administration initially blamed everything on the film critical of the... Continue Reading →

Forever frenemies?: highs/lows of Israel-Egypt relations

In spite of the assurances the supposedly temporary military government in Egypt has given that it will honor its peace treaty with Israel, a news report today says Israel is still on edge about how Egypt will turn out.  With the 24 hr. news cycle preoccupied with what has happened in Egypt, it has brought to... Continue Reading →

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