Two African shamans claim they help African pastors with signs & wonders

As Christianity has reignited across the African continent by leaps and bounds in recent decades, the "wheat" of God's crop is growing in the midst of the "tares" planted by Satan in very disturbing ways. Our Lord Jesus was never one to make any of his statements lightly. There was a reason he and the... Continue Reading →

Singer Lorde admits she’s a witch

New Zealand pop star Lorde, singer of such hits as "Royals" and "Green Light" on the secular charts, recently admitted in an interview that "I am basically a witch." The 20-yr-old said she feels comfortable around ghosts and spirits. Lorde even believes the spirit of the late David Bowie is connected to her, is watching... Continue Reading →

Occultic religion santería boosts Cuba’s economy

In the Americas and Caribbean Region, interest in the occultic religion Santería seems to be intensifying. According to an article in the online magazine Vibe, Cuba is seeing heavy profits from the religion's popularity (especially in Latin American/Caribbean communities). What is Santería? Santería is an eclectic mix of African voodoo, indigenous Caribbean paganism, and Roman Catholicism. It... Continue Reading →

Pagan occultic rituals can’t match God’s power

We are once again in the season where heightened interest in the occult is taking place in North America and other parts of the Western Hemisphere. Some people are looking to be frightened for fun whether in seances, haunted houses, or horror movies, while others are seeking more power to manipulate situations and other people... Continue Reading →

Satan declares war but he’ll be under our feet shortly

If you look through history, you will discover that whenever Christians were persecuted, the kings, rulers, leaders, and other prominent figures who sanctioned persecution often died untimely, troublesome deaths. We as Christians are warned in the New Testament that we will suffer for being followers of the Lord Jesus (Luke 6:22, John 15:18, 2 Timothy... Continue Reading →

Hate 2 say I told u so: Operation Fast & Furious a drug cartel deal

In August 2011 as Operation Fast & Furious was unfolding, I wrote this post with my suspicions about what the supposed DEA operation was really about. Now part of my suspicions have been confirmed. The US government made dirty deals with the Sinaloa drug cartel and Fast & Furious was part of their agreement, according... Continue Reading →

Mystics rising: a Knight Templar speaks openly

It's somewhat of an understatement to say we are living in interesting times. While the mainstream media loves to distract us with their various forms of mind candy, including soft news, propagandist news reports that often leave out the truth behind their stories, and the vast entertainment industry, those who look past these distractions will... Continue Reading →

Forget astrological signs, Jesus is the only sign you need

It is a common thing to adopt practices as we go through life without stopping to question their validity or neglecting to see if God is really pleased with them. Reading one's horoscope is such a practice. A large number of people who identify themselves as Christian think it's completely harmless to go online or... Continue Reading →

Mindbender, soul render: how Satan is blowin’ up the music charts

For a while now, I've avoided listening to secular top 40, R & B, & hip hop music because of its ungodliness.  It's bad enough that there's cursing, but I can definitely see how these people are just blatantly worshiping Satan. This is nothing new. It really took off with the rebellion of the late... Continue Reading →

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